Peace & Quiet.

I’m currently enjoying the house to myself! Phil & Miley have gone to town & Alfie is in playschool. So bacon baps, sprite & the “Syfy” channel are keeping me entertained.

I’ve been worried sick since I dropped Alfie off at playschool, as they called me to the side to see if Alfie was allowed to do body painting, I said yes as I didn’t want him to miss out, but now i’m worried with him having Rothmund Thomson Syndrome, if his skin will react badly to the ingredients in the paint as hes not even allowed children’s bubble bath, or soaps he has to have everything prescribed from the Dr. I’m just hoping his skin will be fine & he enjoys his painting!

Also really proud of my little Miley as shes only 12 weeks old & she’s sleeping right through the night & has been all week! along with her little giggles & smiles shes the perfect little girl.

I’m also really ahead with my Christmas shopping this year! After a rude remark about Christmas, it got me worried & I started my Christmas shopping, spending near £400 already, me & Phil have bought Alfie & Miley loads & i’m really excited for Christmas now, however unlike every other Christmas, I wont be spending Christmas eve at my parents house as there wont be room because my brother lives there & my sister & her two children have just moved back in, so there wont be room! We are however going to go up for Christmas dinner, so i’m looking forward to that!

I’m also really looking forward to the 6th of October as i’m going to see sinister at the cinema, then going for dinner & having a few drinks, it’s been a while since me & Phil have really done anything just the two of us, so my mum said she’d baby sit Miley over night & Alfies with his dad anyway, so it’s all good!

I’ve also redecorated my living room, bought a new sofa & new curtains & spent a few hours in Dunelms & I’m incredibly pleased with my handy-work!

Anyway i’m going to go as I’m watching Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files & I’m missing most of it due to blogging!


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