Oh Happy Days!

Is so excited for tomorrow! if you follow me on twitter or have read previous blogs! tomorrow i’m off to Liverpool to watch Taken2 & Sinister, then i’m off to the red hot buffet & then heading home to dance the night away in Ironworks!

It’s been a while since i’ve wanted to go out drinking, but last few weeks have been just so horrible and stressful that I want to do something fun. Last month was probably one of the worst months in a long time, I was ill a lot, my grandad was very sick and still is, my brother was rushed to hospital for an operation, my boyfriends Nan is dying, both of my children we’re ill and throwing up, my parents newphew and boyfriend we’re involved in a car crash, Alfie had his appointment with his pediatrician after waiting 9 months and they aid theres nothing they can do for him and Miley is 3 months old, which is great.. but Rothmund Thomson Syndrome forms around this age and i’ve been worried sick that she’ll have it.

So today I went to buy a pretty dress, some new jewelry and some spiked heels for my fun date tomorrow. I’m extremly excited and have been counting down the days all week.

Even though I go out a lot, especially to Liverpool with my boyfriend and children, the fact we’re going alone makes me a lot more excited. I love my children to bits, but me and Phil never really have much time together and we used to argue all the time, we don’t argue anymore and i’m really looking forward to our future.

I’ve spent all week going on to anyone who will listen to me about how excited I am about tomorrow, so I hope all goes to plan!

Anyway, i’m off to watch Saw…6? or 5, I’ve lost count!


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