So as you all know, I went to Liverpool the other day. The day didn’t start off to well as Alfie decided, “nah, i’m not gonna walk, be a mug & carry me up the hill!” and normally, I would carry him but he’s 2, God gave him legs & he needs to use them! Plus my backs been really sore recently, especially after carrying him & anyway, he actually loves walking & running, but obviously not as much as he loves me carrying him. So the whole way up to my parents house he cried, & by cried, I mean screamed. As soon as we got to my Mum’s house, I passed Alfie to his Dad, who had turned up early & was waiting, I gave Alfie a kiss, handed over his  required skin creams & waved him goodbye, as finally he’d settled & now that he was being carried by his Dad, those horrific screams like i’d purposely trapped his finger in the door, automatically turned into a cheeky giggle. Children aren’t stupid!

I explained to my Mum everything that Miley needed & had to quickly head out the door for our bus to Ruabon train station. The whole journey went really quick. Even though the Japanese girls sat in front of us we’re annoying as hell!

The plan was, Cinema, food, ironworks night club. However, we saw a bubble gun for sale on a market stall, it flashed different colours & was only £3 odd, we both decided seeing as Alfie loves bubbles, or yano, bubblies as he calls them, that we’d buy that for him, which would mean no night clubs for us, as we’d look pretty lame with a bubble gun.

The film we went to see was Sinister, it was good, very much the type of film that keeps you on the edge of your seat, but just as the story starts to make sense, they all get killed by the daughter, which is a bit crap. I do think if they made a second, now that we know the story, it would be really good! The cinema was massive, very packed & seats for the films we’re quickly running out. After trying to find the right screen for the film, which happened to be at the top of the cinema, we we’re sat down! which was a relief as I was wearing black spiked heels.

When the film finished although it was only about 4pm it felt about 8! I was knackered. We headed to my favourite place to eat, Red Hot Buffet! really the only reason we went to Liverpool. I had my usual, Chicken Korma, pizza, chilli con carne, potato wedges, cheese, jalapeno peppers, lettuce & poppadoms  The key is to  pile your plate up so you dont look like a fatty going back down every 5 mins for food, we had to sit upstairs as the place was fully booked til 9pm, it was a lil annoying because the stairs are quite steep & i’m clumsy so was worried i’d fall but luckily I didn’t!

Whenever we go to red hot buffet Phil orders one of their alcoholic cocktails, they look like a pudding to me, but they taste lovely, even though the alcohol is very strong. He’s had quite a few different ones & I’ve always been tempted but stick to a boring Coke! plus I don’t think they’re worth £4.99!

We both became really full quickly & we’re ready for home, I was still really tired, so we just got a train straight away. As we were waiting in Chester there was an announcement that the train wouldn’t be coming due to theft of cables, as you do. So a really posh coach came to pick us up! Arriving in Wrexham it was freezing! We bought alcohol & made it home to our warm snug house, where we watched the X factor which we’d set to record on Sky+ knowing we’d miss it.

I put my jammies on & snuggled up on the sofa, it was so nice to be home! Even after a lovely day there’s nothing better than being back in your own house!

I was however really missing Miley, I’m used to Alfie going to his Daddy’s house but Mileys normally with us 24/7 so it was really bizzare not hearing her little cooing noises like a birdy.

The next day however, we we’re all back together, I do love my little family.


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