November 1st Photo Of The Day

It’s November, which can only mean one thing!

20121101-101639 AM.jpg

“something beginning with C…”

Custard. I feel like the only person in the world that doesn’t like this orange/yellow gooey substance. It’s gross. I do like it in custard slices, but then it doesn’t really taste like custard at all!

The 1st time I really remember tasting custard was in one of the many primary schools I went to, I remember being given it as a pudding at lunch time, it was in a small bowl, I took a spoonful & it was freezing cold & because I thought it would be warm, the coldness surprised me & it really turned my stomach & I haven’t liked it since. Similar to the reason I no longer like Jelly Belly Beans, things are meant to taste how you expect them to!

So here’s my 1st picture of the day, Philip’s Frankie & Benny’s brownies with ice cream, whipped cream & Alfie’s left over, yeah, you guessed it… Custard! yuck.

20121101-064558 PM.jpg


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