Alfie’s had his teddy Yo Jo Jo since his 1st Xmas he realised tonight that it speaks, as a baby he loved the orange toy from waybuloo, he slept with it every night, but he got replaced with iggle piggle.

So tonight he fell out of bed, I went up & picked up the 1st toy I saw, it was Yo Jo Jo, I’ve never seen him so excited he was hugging him, kissing him & giggling away, I think he thought Yo Jo Jo came alive! He spent about 10 minutes making him talk.

It’s the little things like that that make me realise how much he’s growing up, today in a restaurant he met a lil boy, the boy was annoying as hell but Alfie was spinning around with him & genuinely acting so much older, I think I still baby him as I try to do everything for him. Think it’s time I took a step back, he’s growing up & Miley’s not far behind him.

20121110-080719 PM.jpg

20121110-080743 PM.jpg

20121110-080814 PM.jpg

20121110-080931 PM.jpg


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