Well I’m having a lovely time here in Scotland, it’s so beautiful & we’ve been out shopping & for meals pretty much everyday, I haven’t stopped eating! It’s been great!

My holiday ends tomorrow though & we have to travel 6 hours on 4 trains with a 4 month old baby, but it will be worth it to see my lil buddy Alfie.

I’ve bought so much stuff it’s unreal & slightly pointless as I could of bought the exact same things at home & wouldn’t have had to travel with them, but yano! Treated myself to some stuff from Lush & Barry M nail varnishes to add to my collection, Alfie & Miley have been bought loads too! & have been spoilt for Christmas too from Phil’s relatives.

I will miss Scotland & Phils family but there’s nothing nicer than your own home with your own lil family.

Although they do have this giant basket of goodies!

20121120-083831 PM.jpg


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