putting this here so I can keep an eye on it!


3 – 6 months prior
1. Speak to the Vicar of your local Church to confirm availability and date
for the Christening

2. Decide who will be the Godparents

3. Decide on the celebrations that will follow the ceremony. Depending on
your budget and your own personal preferences, you may wish to
– booking a restaurant
– hiring a function room (sit down meal or buffet)
– holding the celebrations at home
If you decide that the celebrations will take place outside of your
home, review the places and dates available.

4. Decide whether you will require a professional photographer, if so book
in advance to avoid disappointment.

5. Decide who will provide the cake and if appropriate order in good time.

2-3 months prior

1. Decide who to invite

2. Buy Christening Invitations and send (get organised and buy your thank
you notes the same time)

3. Decide who will provide the cake and make sure arrangements are in
place so that the cake is made to time

4. Decide who will be responsible for taking photos / video. This will give
you enough time to hire someone if required.

5. If required hire entertainer, bouncy castle

1-2 months prior
1. Browse available Christening garments and make purchase, consider
budget, style of garment, material, whether the garment is to be used
for any further children you may be planning, or even a garment that
may be passed down the generations.

2. Consider what Christening garment accessories are needed e.g. shoes,
socks, frilly knickers, bonnet, cardigan, bib, shawl

3. Consider buying a special acid free garment preservation box

4. Consider whether you wish to have a change of clothing for your little


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