Moo poo.

Trying to blog whilst holding your 5 month old daughter is hard, its not the typing with one hand, nor is she attacking the laptop, its more the fact she keeps staring right at me & smiling, it’s slightly distracting.

20121211-085347 PM.jpg

In fact I wrote those 3 lines & had to stop as she had leaked through her nappy onto her sleep suit, which meant I had to clean her all up & while Phil was ironing her new Pajamas I got plenty of cuddles with my Miley, who proceeded to nom my nose & smile a lot… as usual, as Miley is quite literally the happiest baby in the world, she never cries! unless you make her wait for a bottle, like if you’re making one up fresh.

I can only assume that shes building up all her anger & sadness for The Terrible Twos! Which seems to be what Alfie has been going through recently, he was really bad about 4 months ago, when I first had Miley he became very naughty & had a lot of tantrums, he’s not near as bad now, we can actually now take him places! & he’s growing up very quickly, he is a bit behind with his speech but he will be attending speech therapy soon which I think will be great as he gets frustrated not being able to communicate but being able to do everything else!

So because I love my babies so much, I have bought them lot’s of lovely things for Christmas & i’m hoping this is going to be the best Christmas ever! I can’t wait for them to open their toys & although only Alfie will really appreciate them, I hope Miley likes her’s too!

I’m also hoping that after Christmas I could get a part time job, nothing special & not too many hours but enough to get me out the house & get a social life as such.

20121211-085335 PM.jpgAs much as I love being a stay at home Mum, while Phils off out at work, I feel like people think i’m a bum who sits & watches Jeremy Kyle all day, which couldn’t be further from the truth! When Phil is home we do watch Tv/Films etc & go on family days out, but when i’m home alone I tend to get a bit lost & just clean & cook & go into Mummy mode, spending the day cleaning nappies, saying “BOO!” over & over to Miley & putting Alfies train track together about 10 times an hour, he tends to break it apart a lot, then there’s the constant feeding Miley & being dragged back & to into different rooms with Alfie & that’s in between cooking, washing & cleaning.

I really love it though, I love being a Mum it’s so rewarding, I never think of it as a job, but during a survey the other day the woman asked me what my occupation was, so I replied “unemployed” she asked why so I began to explain that I look after my 2 children, in which case she responded with “Then you’re not unemployed you’re a stay at home Mother/house wife” which is true, it’s not as such a job, but it’s my job to look after them, they’re my responsibility & although I really want a part time job, I’d have to find someone to look after them & also pay them while me & Phil were at work & I hate the thought of missing out on them growing up & developing, maybe I could work around Phils job! who knows… it’s still 2012 & I have to get Christmas out the way 1st before making any more plans for the next year, I already have too many!!


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