Nora Virus.

Well my poor lil dude is poorly, he’s at his Daddy’s house and has been throwing up & vomiting, according to the Dr, he has the same symptoms of the Nora Virus which is going around Wrexham and has caused a few wards in Wrexham Hospital to be shut down, the Nora Virus is horrible, he had it last year and was throwing up everywhere, diarrhea, the lot.

Both times he’s had it the Dr wouldn’t see him, probably to not spread it any further. So i’m hoping Alfie don’t pass it on to Miley, as she’s only 5 months old and it would hit her hard.

I’m not too sure how he has it and my Nephew is having similar symptoms, maybe its been past through the air on a bus or something, maybe someone who had visited Wrexham Luxury hospital, which in all fairness is a complete dump, has passe it on.

I’ve been there millions of time and not once have I had a happy experience, apart from giving birth, the hospital is disgusting  it’s not clean and the majority of the staff couldn’t care less, you’re just another number to them, a patient, there’s no compassion it’s all about their wage slip. In fact you’d be better off having an operation in my shed, it’s cleaner and less risk of infection.

Now them are just my experiences, i’m not saying everyone there is bad, but I’ve never met one nice person and they lie non stop, to cover each other’s backs. I was dreading giving birth there, although the labour ward is okay but you do wait a long time after pressing your buzzer for help, which is a pain when you can’t get out of bed.

I’ve had a lot of horrible experiences in that hospital, some that are extremely personal so I won’t say, but that hospital needs a great revamp and clean.


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