Sick of hearing “impossible”

Eugh both babies are poorly with this nora virus bug, it’s going to be a long night. Poor Miley was sick everywhere & required some much needed snuggles, where as Alfie’s past throwing up, he’s just burning up & extremely pale… Which is weird because me & him are constantly pale anyway.

I really think it’s going to be one long night! Made even worse by Phil having work in the morning. Eeek. He’s going to be so tired & even though tonight is his turn to have them, I’m guessing with him up early it’s going to be me cleaning the sick.

But regardless to all of that, I have now successfully finished my Christmas shopping & nearly done wrapping. Ive bought so much & gone to a lot of effort this year, I seem to be doing that a lot, I made a lot of effort for Halloween too, lots of pretty decorations, it’s sad really because its the memories that mater not money, but hey, everyone will remember the Halloween party… So I guess win win!

Also treated myself to more Barry M nail varnish, I actually have all of the ones I like from the range, so I’m hoping they will make some more to go with my collection, I’ve even bagged up my old nail polishes which are in the shed now except for a couple & replaced them with my new collection, I’ve become obsessed & I like it.


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