This year I made a point to make a effort with people’s birthdays, I wanted to make sure I did my best for each person to ensure their birthday was good! I went out of my way to buy more than usual & to buy things they would like, well I hoped they did! The feeling I got from making an effort was great, it’s a nice feeling to give & make people smile.

Now, I know you don’t give to receive, but it’s my birthday soon & I have a feeling that no one will make an effort for me, this is not a feel sorry for me blog, but it is getting me down, I deserve a nice birthday too, with nice presents. My family aren’t really big on birthdays, they don’t see it as that much of a deal, but I really want to do something great. Phil was going to book a holiday for us, but with me not having a passport, I don’t think it would all pan out timing wise, I just hope people do make an effort I haven’t had a good birthday since before my 18th.

My 18th was spent in hospital with my Nanna which was nice to spend it with her, but it’s a very upsetting memory.

My 19th I was pregnant & with my birthday being the 1st of January me & my ex boyfriend were sat there waiting for the count down, it came & went “happy new year!” Was blasted down the tv & Ben was to occupied by the laptop to wish me a happy birthday.

My 20th, I don’t actually remember doing anything

& my 21st, I was pregnant so couldn’t celebrate, although phil did go to a lot of effort decorating the house & buying me prezzies & a cake.

So now it’s my 22nd & I want it to be special so badly that I feel my expectations are too high & ill be disappointed :/


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