A looooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggggg week.

It’s been a very, very long week! but thankfully, it’s nearly over. Dealing with one poorly baby is tough, but two is harder! & they always seem to cry at the same time! luckily, Miley hasn’t been that bad, I expected she would be, being the youngest and her immune system being weaker. Alfie seemed to have got the bug really bad, he was just flopped about throwing up and not wanting to do anything but sleep all day. Today however, they both seem to have perked up a bit, both full of smiles… the occasional “eughhhhhh” from Alfie but bar that looks like they are on the mend! Sadly Alfie missed his school Christmas party today & also missed seeing his Dad the other day, so now he wont see him til after Christmas, his dad’s choice not mine. 

Which takes me onto my next topic, CHRISTMAS!!! it seems like not that long ago i was saying “Christmas is in 3 weeks!!” and now its less than a week. Which is a shame because the world doesn’t feel christmasy at all, there’s hardly no Christmas songs on TV or anything! and I’m really not feeling the Christmas spirit at all, which worries me that Christmas is going to come and go, without it even feeling like Christmas if that makes sense?

I also have a job interview on the 3rd of January, I applied for the job in October and actually forgot about it, they seemed really keen and emailed me all the details i’d need, its for a trainee support worker position, for children and adults with condition’s and disabilities. Sadly, I don’t have a birth certificate and purchasing one wouldn’t come in time, I phoned them and explained and they said they would happily wait until I sort it all out, so I’m really pleased with that. It would be the perfect start to my New Year!


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