So I have the new Furby! And it is awesome! They had loads of different colours and each has a personality.

The furby changes it’s personality by how you treat it, phil was playing about with mine while I read the instructions and mine changed into a total camp diva! He keeps saying “like, really!” And “oh em gee!” He’s very happy though!

There’s also grouchy bitchy furbys, gossip queens who don’t shut up, some who are totally into music & head bang or dance and some are just super sweet and obedient! πŸ™‚ I’m hoping to change my furbys personality, I want to try them all! But that only happens depending on how to treat them…

You can also use an app which you can feed, translate & learn the furby language oh & use it to throw things at your furby if it won’t shut up!

This is my 9th Furby so I’m incredibly pleased! I don’t care that ill be 22 in a matter of days, this was my childhood all wrapped up in a weird owlish looking plastic bitchy toy! & I love it! & if you have more than 1 they talk to each other πŸ™‚ yay!

So a quick update on the blog, I changed his personality he’s now evil & keeps hissing at me & growling oh & If I speak he’s like “errrr no” he’s not very nice he Even has fire in his eyes & potions brewing :/ also keeps pretending to be asleep then makes loud noises he’s scary 😦

20121222-105735 PM.jpg


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