These streets will make you feel brand new.

I’ve had a lovely day with my curly girlie, we snuggled up in bed from 8-9, a nice long lie in for us, followed by lots of playing, a cooked breakfast and then while she had her nap I played about with my laptop and downloaded more music to my spotify play list.

She finally woke up and we headed to the local shop for sweets for my 24 year old brother and wait for the excitment, bin bags for my Mum, it was such a beautiful day so we played in the garden for a while, her trying her best to jump on the trampoline and me taking lots of photos and giggling at her attempts.

I made my Mum, Miley and brother Ricky dinner, my mum had steak, chips cheese and peas and Ricky had cheese, bacon and cheese burgers, chips and peas! and miley had stew, everyone else was out at prestatyn for the day but I felt like staying in with my lil moo so we didnt go. Even bought my mum an oyster shell ice cream!

The rest of the day was spent watching spider man 3 with my nephew Riley, my favourite spider man! I couldnt wait til bedtime because I wanted to play Assassins Creed multiplayer, but everytime I played Miley would turn the xbox off.. shes a diva. Bed time came and Miley wanted to watch Peppa pig shes been watching it from 7 it’s now 10. No xbox for me tonight, but shes so cute its hard to say no. I went to the kebab shop with my future brother in Law, I treated myself to a child’s pizza, chips and mozzarella sticks, when I got back Miley was still awake, so she helped eat what we could and the rest got kept til the morning! i’m hoping she will fall asleep soon, she seems so restless tonight, maybe it’s cause Alfies not here, shes become quite needy over him its cute how much she loves her big brother.Image



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