The longest day of my life, Warning.. one hell of a boringly long blog!

It’s been one of the longest days of my whole life. My day started at 7am when I had a phone call from Alfies Dad, a phone call.. at 7am… on the only day where I had chance to lie in til 8! He wanted to know where I was meeting him to pick up Alfie, I chose wrexham and we agreed to meet at 11:30. Failing to get back to sleep for the remainder of the hour I decided to just get up and get ready so that when Miley did decide to get up after enjoying her lie in, i’d be ready. I had the worst headache i’ve ever had in my whole life and my eyes were streaming with tears so I wasnt really in the mood to do anything.

My plan for the day was to collect Alfie and have a picnic, me and Miley went around the shops buying things to eat and some toys and a ball, even got a huge pick a mix… I mean huge, they gave me a tub to fill and then I just had to pay £1.99 instead of the usual £3.99, So I used my years of experience in playing Tetris to fill the cup to the brim, getting the most of my money.. and I succeeded.

Me and Miley played on the library field for a while whilst waiting for Alfie and his dad, they were running late due to a motorbike accident, at least I’m pretty sure thats what he said.

I started to get tummy ache because I was dying for a wee so headed to the bus station, the bus station toilets are rank and there wasnt enough room to take a pram in, I was devestated, I just wanted to go home, my eyes were stinging and leaking because of my headache and my tummy was sore due to needing to pee! luckily Alfie and his dad turned up just in time, I asked Ben if he would mind watching Alfie and Miley while I had a pee, he kindly agreed and I headed off to the rank toilets, suddenly I felt better aha, I need to learn from this lesson, not to hold my pee in for hours!

I couldnt be bothered staying in town, I felt tight but it was really hot and I just wanted to be at home out of the sun, the bus ride home was spent with Alfie telling me and Miley all about his time at his Daddys house, he seemed to really have fun, which is nice.

I planned to come home and hibernate out of the sun, however it was only 12:30 and the day had only just begun for my hyperactive cheebies, they wanted to play outside… for hours and hours. Eventually after asking Miley for the millionth time not to try and leave the garden, I decided to take them both for a walk, not a pram was in site, my little curly girly was off, calling all the shots to which directions we went. We ended up going around the block and to the park, I was so shocked that she managed to walk so far and up massive hills, she eventually wore herself out and had a massive tantrum, she wanted to be carried, then she wanted down, then she wanted to sit on the floor… it was definitely home time! I carried the little tubby bum all the way home, while Alfie scooted behind us on his scooter, she was so exhausted she went straight down for a nap.. at last, I was inside out of the sun!

I showed Alfie all his new 32 Thomas the tank books i’d bought him for Easter, I know its early but he wont be here for Easter and Mileys been spoilt by me with her stuff so thought i’d let him have them early, he can have the rest of his stuff when he comes home. We sat and read for a while as he was amazed at his books, then he shouted “bye mummy I going out cya later!” and ran downstairs.. I was devastated.

Back in the sun for me.. I’ve been in and out all day whilst making dinner, showering Miley, seeing to the gas man, Finally at 6 o’clock everyone was getting tired, Miley more so than anyone, so I popped her in the shower first and then Alfie in the bath, jammies on .. dinner and bed!!

Thankfully Alfie fell asleep within minutes, Mileys still awake, she gives me the xbox remote and says “peppa” so she got to watch Peppa pig for a while, whilst I type this. My head is still pounding, I can’t believe its only 19:54. I’m so due an early night. My dad forgot to get me paracetamol while he was at Tesco, so i’m going to have to head butt him.



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