I spent 6 hours today sat in a car, I had mc Donalds for lunch and then tried KFC for the first time, a boneless banquet for me and Miley, it was actualy really nice.
However 6 hours in one car and im exhausted and after a long day of  thinking about life, im actually in a good mood. The rest of my evening will probably be filed with the big bang theory, monster energy drinks and coke zero. Maybe some trivium.

I’m looking forward to the babies opening their easter prezzies and eggs on Sunday, I bought them 5 eggs each, a chocolate bunny, clothes,  books and toys… although shockingly I allready let them have some, Im such a push over when it comes to my brown eyed little buttons.

After alfie being discharged from speech therapy ive really noticed his speech is amazing, hes completly upto date,  I taught him to sing “we will rock you” yesterday I especially love the air guitar he does. And although miley says words too, im so excited to be able to have a proper conversation with her! Shes learnt new words over the last months, she can say mama, granma, riley, yeah, uh oh, peppa, love you and woof!

Ahh theyre adorable.


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