I had a dream about Jesus last night…

Happy Easter to anyone who reads my blog and I hope you all have lots of chocolate and fun!


This easter is the first occasion ive not spent with Alfie, hes gone to his daddies house which is a really weird feeling celebrating without him.

My lil curly girlie isn’t too well, she was up a lot in the night coughing really bad so she came into bed with me and gave me snuggles. She woke up at 6 and was hitting me with a bottle of fabreeze to my face and was giggling her little chubby cheeks off.
She finally went back to sleep and didn’t get up til 9, I had all her easter stuff ready, bar all her new outfits. 


She was so excited seeing what Id bought her and went straight for the chocolate raisins, her favourite!


Followed by the peppa pig easter egg kerri, Ryan and charlotte bought her, she kept saying Peppa! While trying to pull the peppa cardboard off.


I filled her new peppa cup up with rasins and shes over the moon. She absolutely loves nothing more than peppa pig.


She’s been cuddling her george teddy all morning, she snuggles him then throws him then feels guilty and gives him a kiss!

I think she’s missing her big brother this morning though,  shes always unsettled when hes not here. Alfies Dad sent me a voice recording through email it was Alfie saying “happy easter mummy” and she was smiling and giggling at it.

I have no plans for the rest of the day,  everyones gone away so it’s just me and moo til tomorrow and all the shops are shut, I considered taking her to f&bs but we went there on Thursday.  Hmm im sure we’ll find something to do!


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