The sea, the sky, the sea, the sky.

Its been a pretty good day tbh, I made my brother in law  neice and nephew dinner while my sister was at work, it was lovely, im a good little housewife aha, I just wish I was in my house, I mean really I could be, its currently empty, hes not even there, maybe I  will just go home. Makes sense really, mileys way too big for a travel cot and seeing as I own 99% of the stuff there, why shouldn’t I.

Ive also been dancing around the house with miley, shes so hyper today,  I blame the chocolate shes been squealing with joy, shes starting to get tired but im trying to keep her awake til 7, so she will be in bed at a decent time ane I can play need for Speed ahaha.

I can’t wait til tomorrow for my lil man to come home, I rang him to say happy easter but he was preoccupied and didnt talk for long, he sounded like he was having fun though.

Well I better go have a bath, ive spent the last few hours talking to richard and have a lot of stuff to do, im easily distracted.


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