You think im crazy, well thats not fair.

I know ive blogged twice already today, but after reading my neice a bedtime story and kissing her good night, my nephew asked me how to spell alien, he was googling information about them, I sat with him I told him my theory about area 51 and Roswell, as silly as it sounds we had a really grown up conversation about aliens and UFOs and what threat they were to us, aliens spirits and UFOs really interest me and I google things about them regularly, my nephew is so smart for 7 its unreal and his memory is amazing he can remember things that happened when he was about 2.

Tomorrow im going to find district 9 and watch it with him,  it’s one of my favourites and im so thrilled to find someone who shares the same interests as me, even if he is a little boy. He loves alien and preditor too! Hes such a cutie.

I went in to check if he was sleeping and to take my head phones off him so they wouldnt hurt his ears,  he was asleep with some documentary on YouTube about life on other planets, as I took the head phones out of his ears he rolled and said “do you think aliens will take over?” I replied “no, the government wouldn’t allow that to happen” he shut his eyes and whispered “what will the world be like in 1000 years, we wont be here will we” and I felt this sudden sadness that one day we won’t be, I answered “no but your childrens childrens grandchildren will be after youve had children!” And tickled him and he fell asleep.

I really hate the thought that one day my life will be over and ill be forgotten about, in a 1000 years no one will even know I existed,  its time to make my life worth living and stop moping about, make the most of what I do have and I do have a great life, im very lucky and ive always said that.


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