Bank holiday boredom.

Today has been a good one, I got up made breakfast for my brother in law and Miley, then started dinner inbetween getting myself and Miley ready. I marinated the chicken in bbq sauce, basil, bay leaves, green peppers and cheese,  accompanied by chips, pineapple and peas. My Mum and Dad came back from Chippenham and shortly after Alfie came home.

Alfies Dad dropped him off and went back to the car to get Alfies easter egg, he also had 2 others for Miley, one from him and one from alfies nanna, I was really shocked and greatful as Miley hadnt received as many eggs as Alfie as non of phils family sent any, which is strange and not like them. Miley said “ta” and took it in the livingroom all excited, within a few minutes the box was open and she was noming away.

I text Alfies Nanna to say thankyou and that I appreciated the kind gesture, she replied “she is Alfies sister so I wouldnt leave her out” it really made my day.

Ive just got back from tesco,  they had so many pretty girly clothes I ended up buying Miley 9 summer outfits and all Alfie wanted was a thomas magazine a sandwich and a packet or crisps, hes so much chewper aha.  He was getting really hyper shaking his bum and dancing then demanding that I shake my bum too, obviously I obliged.

Im currently making more chicken, this time marinated in nandos sauce, all ready for my dad to take to work with him tomorrow, I spend so much time cooking,  but I absolutely love it, I find it so relaxing along side listening to snow patrol. Anyway,  Ive just got in the bath and bath time means pet rescue time aha, bye.


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