We live in cities, you’ll never see on screens, not very pretty, but we sure know how to run things.

Its been a long stressful week, Mileys been poorly then she got better then Alfie caught it this morning, followed by Riley, Paigey, Ricky my mum and now my dad being sick oh and Mileys got it again!

So while everyone has spent the day throwing up and even ive been sick, and while Alfie was away for the weekend I decided to go to town and buy stuff for my new house, even treated myself to a new candle,  although it was a bit expensive in my opinion, its gorgeous.


It absolutely poured down in town but I love the rain so I didn’t mind. I got home and asked if anyone fancied pizza, only Paige did so I bought us one. I took mine to bed with me and watched the restoration game with Miley who’s now star fished in the middle of the bed so I guess I’m gonna catch up on Eastenders and play some assassins creed.

I’ve been drinking way too much monster energy drinks im knackered but can’t sleep it’s annoying.


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