You’re cinematic, razor sharp.

Its been a pretty good day. Firstly I was sent shopping with my dad to get food for todays lunch, with a shopping list in hand we swiftly found what we needed, followed by a few items I wanted, nappies, wipes and 24 cans of coke for £6, I like to buy in bulk aha.

Got back home and normally I hate cooking with anyone else, I find they get in my way and I get impatient, I suggested to my sister that either I cook or she does, she offered to help but I refused.

Whilst cooking Miley was getting pretty sleepy and naggy at my feet doing her fake cry,  I took her to bed and my sister took over the cooking,  miley lay straight down and I tucked her in and headed back to dinner, my sister was still stiring the food, I took over while she cut the salad up,  shockingly I didnt mind her helping and she did a lot, we made chili con carne with rice, nachos, salad and cheese and a cottage pie with gravy for the lil peeps and my brother.  It was gorgeous.

Then my mum decided she wanted to move my temporary  bedroom around, Miley had woken up and was hungry, I took her downstairs for her dinner and she loved it. And my mum and sister did a good job with the bedroom I much prefer it! Not that it makes too much difference what I think, I dont intend to be here for much longer and it is my rooms room after all.

Ricky and his girlfriend came around,  followed by Alfie returning home from his dads, hes started going there a hell of a lot recently, which is good but I miss him and although Miley doesn’t understand, at night when its just us 3, she waddles about saying “Alpie, Alpie” looking for him, but then in the day is too occupied to notice.

David decided late on in the evening that we should have a take away, so him me and Alfie headed off to krazy pizza, I’d not had one in so long that I enjoyed every bite as did everyone else, Alfie and Miley ate there’s while watching thomas in the bedroom, sneakly taking food off eachothers plates but once realising the other was doing the same they actualy shared nice.

It was a bit of a struggle to get them to sleep as Paigey wanted to sleep with us and Miley wanted to play with Paige and Alfie didnt want Paige to sleep on his side and ah… they’re all asleep now, its peaceful.


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