Give me, one moment in time, when I’m more than I thought I could be.

Today has been hectic, I woke up, got Alfie and Miley ready, went to the shop for my Mum with Alfie then headed off to town, after waiting ages in the sun I finally arrived.

I had a million things to do, I had to go pick up a form, then head to the banknfor paperwork followed by shopping in river island and next, where I picked up some lovely outfits for Alfie. I also bought myself my 3rd copy of the sims3 pets.

I Then had to go see my brother in work to get his I.d, I was still early for my appointment so while listening to smack that by Akon I went to church to say a prayer for my lovely Nanna and Grandad, obviously turning off the inappropriate music in church aha.

My appointment was pretty long and the room was boiling hot, I ended up drinking 6 glasses of water. Back out into the sun I had to go back again to see my brother who came to my next appointment with me, that quickly was over and he headed back to work, I had to go and get yet more paper work by then I was boiling and fed up,  I headed to mc Donalds where I had a cheese burger and ice cold coke while watching the world go by  from the upper floor while the man infront of me took creepy photos from his old fashioned disposable camera.

Finally the time came, time to go home, I headed to the bank before meeting up with my brother who was giving me a lift home. When we got home Alfie and Miley were excited to see me so kisses all around and I was excited to see my mum had dressed, fed and bathed him and Miley…all ready for bed! I was so greatful as ive had a headache all day.

I played with Miley for a while before putting her to bed and Alfie soon followed. I’ve spent the last hour playing the sims3 pets, making me Alfie, Miley and Meatball into sims and they actualy turned out pretty well!