Give me, one moment in time, when I’m more than I thought I could be.

Today has been hectic, I woke up, got Alfie and Miley ready, went to the shop for my Mum with Alfie then headed off to town, after waiting ages in the sun I finally arrived.

I had a million things to do, I had to go pick up a form, then head to the banknfor paperwork followed by shopping in river island and next, where I picked up some lovely outfits for Alfie. I also bought myself my 3rd copy of the sims3 pets.

I Then had to go see my brother in work to get his I.d, I was still early for my appointment so while listening to smack that by Akon I went to church to say a prayer for my lovely Nanna and Grandad, obviously turning off the inappropriate music in church aha.

My appointment was pretty long and the room was boiling hot, I ended up drinking 6 glasses of water. Back out into the sun I had to go back again to see my brother who came to my next appointment with me, that quickly was over and he headed back to work, I had to go and get yet more paper work by then I was boiling and fed up,  I headed to mc Donalds where I had a cheese burger and ice cold coke while watching the world go by  from the upper floor while the man infront of me took creepy photos from his old fashioned disposable camera.

Finally the time came, time to go home, I headed to the bank before meeting up with my brother who was giving me a lift home. When we got home Alfie and Miley were excited to see me so kisses all around and I was excited to see my mum had dressed, fed and bathed him and Miley…all ready for bed! I was so greatful as ive had a headache all day.

I played with Miley for a while before putting her to bed and Alfie soon followed. I’ve spent the last hour playing the sims3 pets, making me Alfie, Miley and Meatball into sims and they actualy turned out pretty well!

You’re cinematic, razor sharp.

Its been a pretty good day. Firstly I was sent shopping with my dad to get food for todays lunch, with a shopping list in hand we swiftly found what we needed, followed by a few items I wanted, nappies, wipes and 24 cans of coke for £6, I like to buy in bulk aha.

Got back home and normally I hate cooking with anyone else, I find they get in my way and I get impatient, I suggested to my sister that either I cook or she does, she offered to help but I refused.

Whilst cooking Miley was getting pretty sleepy and naggy at my feet doing her fake cry,  I took her to bed and my sister took over the cooking,  miley lay straight down and I tucked her in and headed back to dinner, my sister was still stiring the food, I took over while she cut the salad up,  shockingly I didnt mind her helping and she did a lot, we made chili con carne with rice, nachos, salad and cheese and a cottage pie with gravy for the lil peeps and my brother.  It was gorgeous.

Then my mum decided she wanted to move my temporary  bedroom around, Miley had woken up and was hungry, I took her downstairs for her dinner and she loved it. And my mum and sister did a good job with the bedroom I much prefer it! Not that it makes too much difference what I think, I dont intend to be here for much longer and it is my rooms room after all.

Ricky and his girlfriend came around,  followed by Alfie returning home from his dads, hes started going there a hell of a lot recently, which is good but I miss him and although Miley doesn’t understand, at night when its just us 3, she waddles about saying “Alpie, Alpie” looking for him, but then in the day is too occupied to notice.

David decided late on in the evening that we should have a take away, so him me and Alfie headed off to krazy pizza, I’d not had one in so long that I enjoyed every bite as did everyone else, Alfie and Miley ate there’s while watching thomas in the bedroom, sneakly taking food off eachothers plates but once realising the other was doing the same they actualy shared nice.

It was a bit of a struggle to get them to sleep as Paigey wanted to sleep with us and Miley wanted to play with Paige and Alfie didnt want Paige to sleep on his side and ah… they’re all asleep now, its peaceful.

We live in cities, you’ll never see on screens, not very pretty, but we sure know how to run things.

Its been a long stressful week, Mileys been poorly then she got better then Alfie caught it this morning, followed by Riley, Paigey, Ricky my mum and now my dad being sick oh and Mileys got it again!

So while everyone has spent the day throwing up and even ive been sick, and while Alfie was away for the weekend I decided to go to town and buy stuff for my new house, even treated myself to a new candle,  although it was a bit expensive in my opinion, its gorgeous.


It absolutely poured down in town but I love the rain so I didn’t mind. I got home and asked if anyone fancied pizza, only Paige did so I bought us one. I took mine to bed with me and watched the restoration game with Miley who’s now star fished in the middle of the bed so I guess I’m gonna catch up on Eastenders and play some assassins creed.

I’ve been drinking way too much monster energy drinks im knackered but can’t sleep it’s annoying.

Bank holiday boredom.

Today has been a good one, I got up made breakfast for my brother in law and Miley, then started dinner inbetween getting myself and Miley ready. I marinated the chicken in bbq sauce, basil, bay leaves, green peppers and cheese,  accompanied by chips, pineapple and peas. My Mum and Dad came back from Chippenham and shortly after Alfie came home.

Alfies Dad dropped him off and went back to the car to get Alfies easter egg, he also had 2 others for Miley, one from him and one from alfies nanna, I was really shocked and greatful as Miley hadnt received as many eggs as Alfie as non of phils family sent any, which is strange and not like them. Miley said “ta” and took it in the livingroom all excited, within a few minutes the box was open and she was noming away.

I text Alfies Nanna to say thankyou and that I appreciated the kind gesture, she replied “she is Alfies sister so I wouldnt leave her out” it really made my day.

Ive just got back from tesco,  they had so many pretty girly clothes I ended up buying Miley 9 summer outfits and all Alfie wanted was a thomas magazine a sandwich and a packet or crisps, hes so much chewper aha.  He was getting really hyper shaking his bum and dancing then demanding that I shake my bum too, obviously I obliged.

Im currently making more chicken, this time marinated in nandos sauce, all ready for my dad to take to work with him tomorrow, I spend so much time cooking,  but I absolutely love it, I find it so relaxing along side listening to snow patrol. Anyway,  Ive just got in the bath and bath time means pet rescue time aha, bye.

You think im crazy, well thats not fair.

I know ive blogged twice already today, but after reading my neice a bedtime story and kissing her good night, my nephew asked me how to spell alien, he was googling information about them, I sat with him I told him my theory about area 51 and Roswell, as silly as it sounds we had a really grown up conversation about aliens and UFOs and what threat they were to us, aliens spirits and UFOs really interest me and I google things about them regularly, my nephew is so smart for 7 its unreal and his memory is amazing he can remember things that happened when he was about 2.

Tomorrow im going to find district 9 and watch it with him,  it’s one of my favourites and im so thrilled to find someone who shares the same interests as me, even if he is a little boy. He loves alien and preditor too! Hes such a cutie.

I went in to check if he was sleeping and to take my head phones off him so they wouldnt hurt his ears,  he was asleep with some documentary on YouTube about life on other planets, as I took the head phones out of his ears he rolled and said “do you think aliens will take over?” I replied “no, the government wouldn’t allow that to happen” he shut his eyes and whispered “what will the world be like in 1000 years, we wont be here will we” and I felt this sudden sadness that one day we won’t be, I answered “no but your childrens childrens grandchildren will be after youve had children!” And tickled him and he fell asleep.

I really hate the thought that one day my life will be over and ill be forgotten about, in a 1000 years no one will even know I existed,  its time to make my life worth living and stop moping about, make the most of what I do have and I do have a great life, im very lucky and ive always said that.

The sea, the sky, the sea, the sky.

Its been a pretty good day tbh, I made my brother in law  neice and nephew dinner while my sister was at work, it was lovely, im a good little housewife aha, I just wish I was in my house, I mean really I could be, its currently empty, hes not even there, maybe I  will just go home. Makes sense really, mileys way too big for a travel cot and seeing as I own 99% of the stuff there, why shouldn’t I.

Ive also been dancing around the house with miley, shes so hyper today,  I blame the chocolate shes been squealing with joy, shes starting to get tired but im trying to keep her awake til 7, so she will be in bed at a decent time ane I can play need for Speed ahaha.

I can’t wait til tomorrow for my lil man to come home, I rang him to say happy easter but he was preoccupied and didnt talk for long, he sounded like he was having fun though.

Well I better go have a bath, ive spent the last few hours talking to richard and have a lot of stuff to do, im easily distracted.

I had a dream about Jesus last night…

Happy Easter to anyone who reads my blog and I hope you all have lots of chocolate and fun!


This easter is the first occasion ive not spent with Alfie, hes gone to his daddies house which is a really weird feeling celebrating without him.

My lil curly girlie isn’t too well, she was up a lot in the night coughing really bad so she came into bed with me and gave me snuggles. She woke up at 6 and was hitting me with a bottle of fabreeze to my face and was giggling her little chubby cheeks off.
She finally went back to sleep and didn’t get up til 9, I had all her easter stuff ready, bar all her new outfits. 


She was so excited seeing what Id bought her and went straight for the chocolate raisins, her favourite!


Followed by the peppa pig easter egg kerri, Ryan and charlotte bought her, she kept saying Peppa! While trying to pull the peppa cardboard off.


I filled her new peppa cup up with rasins and shes over the moon. She absolutely loves nothing more than peppa pig.


She’s been cuddling her george teddy all morning, she snuggles him then throws him then feels guilty and gives him a kiss!

I think she’s missing her big brother this morning though,  shes always unsettled when hes not here. Alfies Dad sent me a voice recording through email it was Alfie saying “happy easter mummy” and she was smiling and giggling at it.

I have no plans for the rest of the day,  everyones gone away so it’s just me and moo til tomorrow and all the shops are shut, I considered taking her to f&bs but we went there on Thursday.  Hmm im sure we’ll find something to do!