Hi Ho, Hi Ho.

So I have shockingly, been successful in turning back to being a vegetarian, I was vegetarian for 7 years before falling pregnant on my first child, I remember being sat in the Van with my dad & Ben, Ben was eating a sweet chili chicken deli wrap meal from mc donalds & it smelt so good, they teased me to have a bite, & I did, it was gorgeous! its been a few years since then & I’ve been enjoying a nom on chicken and beef, but I really don’t enjoy it as much anymore & not eating meat makes me happier, so two weeks ago I decided to try & stop eating meat again.

It’s hard though, not many places have a varied vegetarian menu, its all bean burgers or salad, but not eating out will just save me some pennies, so all is good. Anyway, the reason I turned vegetarian all them years ago was because of the video below, it’s not nice & I don’t advise you watch it with children in the room.

But shockingly if you eat correctly not eating meat is better for your health, honestly, look it up. I lost loads of weight when I was vegetarian and actually was a comfortable size 12, happy days. Now I wouldn’t get one leg in a pair of size 12 jeans! But I’m not concerned about my weight, I’m happy as I am. I just want to feel happy about my life choices again & this time, I’m doing it for me.

November 3rd Photo Of The Day.





Crap, I missed breakfast this morning & headed straight to lunch as I was busy getting Alfie ready. However for lunch I had pizza! & technically because it was my 1st meal of the day, it could be breakfast! I didn’t actually take a photo of it, but I FOUND one! so here you go, Chicago Town Pepperoni pizza with stuffed sauce crust, THE nicest pizza in the world, including Dominoes & Pizza Hutt. no joke.

Baby Choo.

It seems like the distance between each blog is getting bigger, it’s not that I don’t have anything to blog about, because I really do, I just don’t use the internet as much as I used to and when I do its usually to quickly check on social networking sites on my iphone. 

I’m currently just sitting on the top of my stairs, i’ve dyed my hair blue and i’m waiting for it to be set so I can wash it out, I checked if it was safe for the baby and seeing as it is on a vegetable dye, it is!

I went to my midwifes appointment this morning and heard the baby’s heartbeat for the 1st time, she warned me that it may not come up as the baby is still so tiny, I lay on the bed and rolled up my tshirt, she tucked some tisue paper into my trousers so that they would’nt get gel on them and applied the freezing cold gel onto my tummy, using the dopler she found the babies hearbeat and straight away we could hear it luckily it was very clear and sounded like a train on its tracks. I’ve decided that untill I find out the sex of the baby, it will be called Baby Choo.

I’m not really enjoying this pregnancy, as i’ve been sick pretty much everyday, i’m constantly tired and keep getting weird pains in my back and tummy (which are normal) so it’s really hard to enjoy being pregnant when i’m feeling so miserable all the time. I wish that the UK did baby showers like Americans do, a baby shower is sort of like a party usually for just females and they all get together in a beautifully decorated room and buy the expectant Mum and baby presents and treats! but no, not in the UK! I don’t even get a seat on the bus in this rubbish country. I can’t remember the last time someone even asked me anything to do with the baby or it’s development, people in the UK don’t seem to care much for pregnant women!

Now this is the story all about how My life got flipped, turned upside down..

I’ve been a bit lazy with my blogging recently, my whole life has changed in every way possible the last two months, some for the better, other worse, regardless I’m happy at the moment. I’m hoping to be moving house soon, which excites me and kinda disappoints me, I love my house, my garden even my sheds! aha, but if I don’t move, I have to get rid of my dog Obi & as much as he bugs me, I’d miss him.

It was confirmed yesterday that Alfie has Rothmund-Thomson Syndrome and as heartbreaking as that is, he’s so happy that I can’t even feel sad. The doctors really don’t have a clue about the condition so I’m having to rely on advice from people around the world that have it, they are so lovely, it’s so reassuring, it’s just worrying because this really is a serious illness with many consequences.

I’m hoping next week will be really fun and happy. Heres to wishful thinking.