So I have the new Furby! And it is awesome! They had loads of different colours and each has a personality.

The furby changes it’s personality by how you treat it, phil was playing about with mine while I read the instructions and mine changed into a total camp diva! He keeps saying “like, really!” And “oh em gee!” He’s very happy though!

There’s also grouchy bitchy furbys, gossip queens who don’t shut up, some who are totally into music & head bang or dance and some are just super sweet and obedient! 🙂 I’m hoping to change my furbys personality, I want to try them all! But that only happens depending on how to treat them…

You can also use an app which you can feed, translate & learn the furby language oh & use it to throw things at your furby if it won’t shut up!

This is my 9th Furby so I’m incredibly pleased! I don’t care that ill be 22 in a matter of days, this was my childhood all wrapped up in a weird owlish looking plastic bitchy toy! & I love it! & if you have more than 1 they talk to each other 🙂 yay!

So a quick update on the blog, I changed his personality he’s now evil & keeps hissing at me & growling oh & If I speak he’s like “errrr no” he’s not very nice he Even has fire in his eyes & potions brewing :/ also keeps pretending to be asleep then makes loud noises he’s scary 😦

20121222-105735 PM.jpg

November 23rd Photo of the day


I didn’t really know what to take a photo of, I have a lot of black objects etc & recently purchased another black Barry M nail varnish that crackles to then realise I’d already bought it. A bit annoying, losing the plot.

so I decided to take a photo of my GHD’s that match my wallpaper tis pretty cool.

20121125-102419 PM.jpg

November 6th Photo Of The Day

A favourite thing…

One of my favourite things are my GHD’s, without them my hair is an Afro it’s unreal how bushy my hair is. My hair seems to grow outwards instead Of down & without them my hair looks like a cave woman. I’ve resorted to ironing my hair with a clothes iron in the past when my hair straighteners have broke just because my hair goes so bad!

20121106-105859 PM.jpg

Baby Choo.

It seems like the distance between each blog is getting bigger, it’s not that I don’t have anything to blog about, because I really do, I just don’t use the internet as much as I used to and when I do its usually to quickly check on social networking sites on my iphone. 

I’m currently just sitting on the top of my stairs, i’ve dyed my hair blue and i’m waiting for it to be set so I can wash it out, I checked if it was safe for the baby and seeing as it is on a vegetable dye, it is!

I went to my midwifes appointment this morning and heard the baby’s heartbeat for the 1st time, she warned me that it may not come up as the baby is still so tiny, I lay on the bed and rolled up my tshirt, she tucked some tisue paper into my trousers so that they would’nt get gel on them and applied the freezing cold gel onto my tummy, using the dopler she found the babies hearbeat and straight away we could hear it luckily it was very clear and sounded like a train on its tracks. I’ve decided that untill I find out the sex of the baby, it will be called Baby Choo.

I’m not really enjoying this pregnancy, as i’ve been sick pretty much everyday, i’m constantly tired and keep getting weird pains in my back and tummy (which are normal) so it’s really hard to enjoy being pregnant when i’m feeling so miserable all the time. I wish that the UK did baby showers like Americans do, a baby shower is sort of like a party usually for just females and they all get together in a beautifully decorated room and buy the expectant Mum and baby presents and treats! but no, not in the UK! I don’t even get a seat on the bus in this rubbish country. I can’t remember the last time someone even asked me anything to do with the baby or it’s development, people in the UK don’t seem to care much for pregnant women!

Cheers to the freakin weekend, I drink to that.

The last week Alfie was at his Dads house, although not being able to see him for a whole week has been really hard, I had a really good week.


Alfie left with Ben and I was like nooo! after he’d gone, Ceirwen was here though and she gave me a hug to cheer me up, so it was nice. She spotted a load of flying ants in the garden, I poured ant powder over them but it just didn’t seem to work, so I got out deodorant and a lighter and flamethrowered them ahha, actually worked. Ceirwen wasnt in a very happy mood, so I threw her a dress from my wardrobe that I knew she liked and told her to get ready as we we’re going out for dinner. It was fairly late in the evening to be going to town, we went anyway, ordered cocktails and had some nommy food, we decided to go and buy alcohol to make our own cocktail at home, i’ll be honest it tasted like crap, apple sourz, schnapps and lemonade, twas incredibly strong and over powering. We proceeded to my garden where my dog just totally got on our nerves, after singing and dancing, I decided I wanted to get changed, I lay on my bed for about 15 minutes and decided I just wanted to go to bed, I asked Matt not to come, which I felt bad about but, there was no point.


I wantd to spend the day naked, eating the contents of my fridge and watching rubbish TV, I did the rubbish TV part, a programme about a Scottish girl who was pregnant, I love the show, but her voice was just so annoying. I had a phone call from my Mum asking me to go to the shop for her to get her an onion, she wasnt in work as my granddad was poorly that day. I hesitated as I really didn’t want to, but did it anyway and in the end she had a whole shopping list of things she needed. I got to her house and my granddad really didn’t look well, he never does these days bless him. I asked my mum what she was planning to cook, she said cottage pie, so I made it for her, chopped up all the ingredients, peeled the potatoes and cooked the mince and I was surprised because there was enough to feed about 6 people and my family loved it and ate every bit, I was rather happy as none of them think I can cook. I left her house about half 12 to do some washing for my granddad, Ceirwen had asked me to go to her house for a bit,  the weather was beautiful and I said we should be on a beach after less than 5 mins of discussing, we were at the bus stop waiting for a bus to Barmouth. The bus took two and a half hours and it was worth every minute, I got changed on the bus and Ceirwen got changed in the middle of the beach! We decided to go into the sea, I got absolutely soaked and was wearing a denim miniskirt, it looked like I peed myself. We decided to take out t shirts off just for the fun of it and it was actually really fun! I needed a wee and Ceirwen said she wasnt going to walk all the way back to the toilets and suggested I just go in the sea, I removed my underwear and peed in the sea, i’m classy like that. We went to the arcade where I won lots of tokens and a toy car for Alfie. We got the half 6 bus home and there was a dead pigeon or seagull I can’t remember, in the road and people were just walking through it! it was gross. The bus ride home was dire, I was soaked and freezing. All in all though it was a really fun day!


Me and Ceirwen decided to go to Rhyl, we ended up just staying in Chester, it wasnt a very good day as it was pouring down and Ceirwen wasnt feeling very good, I do love Chester, but it just has too many memories that I felt I couldn’t really enjoy myself anyway, so we went home. I fell asleep on the bus, I’ve been so tired recently, I’ve been staying awake til 7am and getting up after a few hours and it really just caught up with me that day. I got home and I had plans to watch DVD’s with Dewi, I invited Ceirwen and Matt to join and there was lots of alcohol, me and Matt went to the chippy and when I came back theyd rearranged my house! mostly Dewi though to be honest! The 3 of them got extremely drunk, I’ve never seen Dewi or Ceirwen that drunk before, I didn’t really drink as I was feeling really sad and didn’t think it was wise to get drunk. The whole night was pretty much spent in my bed with them all and there was alcohol spilt everywhere. I was woken up in the early morning by Ceirwen saying Matt had to go home, I assumed she was leaving too but when I woke up later on and went downstairs she was sat in my livingroom and had tidied up all of their mess, which was a relief as I was not looking forward to it!


I went to town with Ceirwen and decided to treat myself to a new fridge freezer, piercing, Xbox live, xbox game, skull candy headphones, an iPod, a chilli pizza and bought my mum a prezzie teehee! Oh and bought a new phone cover off Ebay for my sexyyyy new phone!


Friday was a bit of a disaster, I sent the whole day stressed out. It started with my brother coming to my house with his girlfriend Sophie and her friend, I hate people coming to my house without telling me, I don’t know why but it makes me feel so uncomfortable. Then Ceirwen came down but I knew she was coming. Sophie’s car had broken down and she’s such a drama queen she was faffing about for ages as I was trying to clean as a lady was coming to collect Obi. My brother and crew left and then the woman turned up, I really didn’t want to get rid of Obi, but I knew it was for the best to rehome him. She really loved him, she emailed me saying thankyou and that her four little boys love him to bits and she couldn’t imagine a better dog, which made me really happy. Then my Dad came to help me with my new fridge, the woman who bought my old one was due any minute and I felt even more nervous! After carrying a 7ft fridge with my Dad he told me he was taking my old one to the womans house, which was a relief. Ceirwen helped me move everything around and was genuinely a great help. When Ceirwen left I spent the rest of the night on the phone, I even had a conversation with the persons Dad, I felt so awkward but, I really am truly glad I spoke to him because now everything makes sense, it might not to you, but it does to me.


I don’t even remember what I did saturday, I just remember making bacon at 4am. Oh and I baby sit for my niece and nephew, it was lovely and my dad got me indian food which was gorgeous! but way too much for me to eat so I kept some for the next day! and played halo3.


Probably the worst day to be honest, so much family drama at my parents house so I just decided to go home, my granddad looked really ill today too, I gave him a big cuddle and we were both wearing green, I joked that we looked like a tree.. i’m not sure why, I just really didn’t know what to say to him without crying. When I came home I spent pretty much the whole day talking to the one of the few people who really make me happy these days, I had a bath, cleaned my fish out did my brothers washing and spent the night on halo, Ceirwen came to my house late in the night to get some sims games, I have them all and because I love sims so much, I like that other people borrow my games so then its like yay you like sims too, fully aware how lame I am. The rest of the night was spent feeling incredibly ill, my head was pounding and it was horrible.


I woke up today, I hadn’t put my bin out, I couldn’t be bothered, I had remembered in the middle of the night and went to take it out but it was so dark, my head is killing me and Alfies due back in a few hours and i’m so excited!