Hi Ho, Hi Ho.

So I have shockingly, been successful in turning back to being a vegetarian, I was vegetarian for 7 years before falling pregnant on my first child, I remember being sat in the Van with my dad & Ben, Ben was eating a sweet chili chicken deli wrap meal from mc donalds & it smelt so good, they teased me to have a bite, & I did, it was gorgeous! its been a few years since then & I’ve been enjoying a nom on chicken and beef, but I really don’t enjoy it as much anymore & not eating meat makes me happier, so two weeks ago I decided to try & stop eating meat again.

It’s hard though, not many places have a varied vegetarian menu, its all bean burgers or salad, but not eating out will just save me some pennies, so all is good. Anyway, the reason I turned vegetarian all them years ago was because of the video below, it’s not nice & I don’t advise you watch it with children in the room.

But shockingly if you eat correctly not eating meat is better for your health, honestly, look it up. I lost loads of weight when I was vegetarian and actually was a comfortable size 12, happy days. Now I wouldn’t get one leg in a pair of size 12 jeans! But I’m not concerned about my weight, I’m happy as I am. I just want to feel happy about my life choices again & this time, I’m doing it for me.

What a wonderful world

Well shockingly, again its been a while since I last posted. so heres a quick catch up.


I had my lil baby girl & changed her name to Miley. The labour was horrible I was in labour since 3pm and she was born at 2:21am weighing 8 pound 14.5 which is less than what I was in labour for with Alfie, but the pain was intense as I was induced and had contraction after contraction as the tablet they used to induce me over stimulated everything and I was in a lot of pain, I don’t even recall the majority of it, I think of it this way, my labour with Alfie I didn’t cry once, my labour with Miley I cried non stop! but  she was worth every bit of pain! and believe me, there was a lot of it! I’m still getting pains now aha! but thankfully my Mum and Phil we’re there to hold my hand!

Then a few weeks later it was my little boys 2nd birthday, he was spoilt rotten of course and although he wasnt that keen on opening any presents me and Phil still went to a lot of effort to make it special for him! We spent the day in town, went for a meal, which wasn’t so great then followed it off by going to Silly Barts play area, which Alfie wasnt in the mood to play and spent the 1st half of the evening sat on my knee sulking, but after he saw Phil playing away with my neice and nephew he soon wanted to join in! The evening was spent in my house with my family and Phils family, everyone was having a good time and it was the first time that Phils family had met Miley so they were all very excited and so they should be, shes a cutie!  Everyone bought lots of lovely gifts for them both and I was really grateful.

Also in the last few months, I got engaged, which is something I never really thought I would do, but seeing as he asked and I really liked the ring… and him of course, I obviously said yes, although I always forget to wear the ring, which is a shame cause its purdy, I don’t really see us getting married anytime soon as I feel we would be rushing into it, just like we have everything else teehee, but one day, who knows maybe we will.

I’ve been out and about a lot recently, Barmouth, Chester, Wrexham, Rhyl, Manchester, The Trafford Centre, liverpool, a few nights out, which were disasters! and swimming, which was lots of fun as I taught Alfie to swim! even though I can’t… I don’t get how that works either. Alfie loved splashing about in the water and was holding a traffic jam on the slide as he was helping the other children climb up and shouting “weeee!” when they’d slide down! but he did spent the majority of the time waving to Phil who was in the viewing area with Miley, we then dried off and headed upstairs to get some delicious food and Alfie ran straight into the soft play area while me and Phil sat chatting, It was lots of fun and I can’t wait to go again!

I don’t really know what the next few days has in store for me, but I need to save my pennies as I’ve borrowed too much money out. I have been house hunting a hell of a lot recently and phoning up estate agents, nearly put down a deposit for a 4 bedroom house in Scotland, with a beautiful large flat garden and a huge garage, fitted kitchen and bathroom, build in mirrored wardrobes and a lovely quiet area  it really was beautiful, but thankfully before we did they sent some extra photos and we noticed it had a spiral staircase, which is no good for children!! so I’ve been hunting some more, some of the houses are truly outstanding the way they’ve been done up, but Phil doesn’t want to leave Wales, so I guess i’m stuck in this place a little longer. I am in the process of swapping bedrooms with the babies so they have the bigger room, so thats kinda cheered me up as I want them to have more room and I like the smaller bedroom its more cosy.

Anyway i’m going to go to bed as its 03:10am and I’ve been throwing up all day ill so I need to sleep!

Mollie moo moo… <3

Mollie Moo Moo x

Its been confirmed, again, that I am indeed having a little girl! I went for a 3d/4d ultrasound to have it properly confirmed and it turns

Imageout my massive bump is a girl! She has a massive nose (I’m allowed to say that I’m her mum!) and she was pouting away and posing. Sadly none of my family could make it to the scan as they were all in work except for my Mum who cares for my granddad so she was unable to come too as my granddad can’t leave the house, Phil’s family were also not able to come as they live far away in Scotland, but I sent them the photos straight away and although they thought the scan was a waste of money they were delighted to see their Granddaughter. My friend Ceirwen and Phil were however able to come to see Mollies scan and even though Phil wasnt excited about the scan or the price of the scan! he was thrilled when we were leaving, even ordering a Key ring of his daughters chubby face which he then later showed off to anyone that would listen.

We’ve now bought absolute everything you could ever want for a baby girl! and yesterday we headed into town to pick up the last few random items, all we need now is cot bedding! I bought her her first teddy for her cot when she’s in hospital, it’s a new Bonne nuit bunny nutmeg by Jelly kittens new 2012 range which are quite expensive for the size of them as they are really small but its totally soft and adorable! I can’t stop squeezing it it’s so cuddly.

We bought her a really cute Petals and Friends activity gym with a cute little birdie! Alfie had a similar one, except his was about triple the price, but they don’t make that one no more, which was disappointing, but regardless this one is really cute and I cant wait to see her laying on it while the lil birdie sings away to her while she plays with the hanging toys and no doubt pouting in the little mirror which hangs from the side.

I also didn’t realise just how much of a fan I am of Tommee Tippee, until I got home and realised everything I bought was by them and the same happened when I was buying baby stuff for Alfie. I guess I just like the Tommee Tippee range and the blue and pink items are just adorable and really great quality and I couldn’t imagine using any other baby brand.

I only have 5 weeks 0 days left of my pregnancy and to be honest, I can’t wait until I go into labour! don’t get me wrong I am really excited to be expecting a little baby girl but I throw up nearly every day, heart burns a bitch, I can’t even go up and down the stairs without getting pains, I can’t even tie my laces or see my feet and being uncomfortable 24/7 is becoming to be a bit of a drag.. these 5 weeks better go quick!I had no pains in my last pregnancy and felt a little bit left out that I had no symptoms of pregnancy whatsoever, except near the end I had swollen hands and feet, I remember saying to the Midwife how I didn’t even feel pregnant, now there’s no mistaking it whatsoever as I’m a walking talking waddling whale and every pregnant person I see looks so small and petite where as I’m struggling to even get into my double bed without a hoist and crane…