November 15th photo of the day

In your bag…

All my hand held luggage ready for Scotland!

Make up
Cheese sandwich
Sausage rolls
Can Of coke
iPhone charger
Hair brush
Make up bag

20121116-121807 PM.jpg


November 1st Photo Of The Day

It’s November, which can only mean one thing!

20121101-101639 AM.jpg

“something beginning with C…”

Custard. I feel like the only person in the world that doesn’t like this orange/yellow gooey substance. It’s gross. I do like it in custard slices, but then it doesn’t really taste like custard at all!

The 1st time I really remember tasting custard was in one of the many primary schools I went to, I remember being given it as a pudding at lunch time, it was in a small bowl, I took a spoonful & it was freezing cold & because I thought it would be warm, the coldness surprised me & it really turned my stomach & I haven’t liked it since. Similar to the reason I no longer like Jelly Belly Beans, things are meant to taste how you expect them to!

So here’s my 1st picture of the day, Philip’s Frankie & Benny’s brownies with ice cream, whipped cream & Alfie’s left over, yeah, you guessed it… Custard! yuck.

20121101-064558 PM.jpg


So as you all know, I went to Liverpool the other day. The day didn’t start off to well as Alfie decided, “nah, i’m not gonna walk, be a mug & carry me up the hill!” and normally, I would carry him but he’s 2, God gave him legs & he needs to use them! Plus my backs been really sore recently, especially after carrying him & anyway, he actually loves walking & running, but obviously not as much as he loves me carrying him. So the whole way up to my parents house he cried, & by cried, I mean screamed. As soon as we got to my Mum’s house, I passed Alfie to his Dad, who had turned up early & was waiting, I gave Alfie a kiss, handed over his  required skin creams & waved him goodbye, as finally he’d settled & now that he was being carried by his Dad, those horrific screams like i’d purposely trapped his finger in the door, automatically turned into a cheeky giggle. Children aren’t stupid!

I explained to my Mum everything that Miley needed & had to quickly head out the door for our bus to Ruabon train station. The whole journey went really quick. Even though the Japanese girls sat in front of us we’re annoying as hell!

The plan was, Cinema, food, ironworks night club. However, we saw a bubble gun for sale on a market stall, it flashed different colours & was only £3 odd, we both decided seeing as Alfie loves bubbles, or yano, bubblies as he calls them, that we’d buy that for him, which would mean no night clubs for us, as we’d look pretty lame with a bubble gun.

The film we went to see was Sinister, it was good, very much the type of film that keeps you on the edge of your seat, but just as the story starts to make sense, they all get killed by the daughter, which is a bit crap. I do think if they made a second, now that we know the story, it would be really good! The cinema was massive, very packed & seats for the films we’re quickly running out. After trying to find the right screen for the film, which happened to be at the top of the cinema, we we’re sat down! which was a relief as I was wearing black spiked heels.

When the film finished although it was only about 4pm it felt about 8! I was knackered. We headed to my favourite place to eat, Red Hot Buffet! really the only reason we went to Liverpool. I had my usual, Chicken Korma, pizza, chilli con carne, potato wedges, cheese, jalapeno peppers, lettuce & poppadoms  The key is to  pile your plate up so you dont look like a fatty going back down every 5 mins for food, we had to sit upstairs as the place was fully booked til 9pm, it was a lil annoying because the stairs are quite steep & i’m clumsy so was worried i’d fall but luckily I didn’t!

Whenever we go to red hot buffet Phil orders one of their alcoholic cocktails, they look like a pudding to me, but they taste lovely, even though the alcohol is very strong. He’s had quite a few different ones & I’ve always been tempted but stick to a boring Coke! plus I don’t think they’re worth £4.99!

We both became really full quickly & we’re ready for home, I was still really tired, so we just got a train straight away. As we were waiting in Chester there was an announcement that the train wouldn’t be coming due to theft of cables, as you do. So a really posh coach came to pick us up! Arriving in Wrexham it was freezing! We bought alcohol & made it home to our warm snug house, where we watched the X factor which we’d set to record on Sky+ knowing we’d miss it.

I put my jammies on & snuggled up on the sofa, it was so nice to be home! Even after a lovely day there’s nothing better than being back in your own house!

I was however really missing Miley, I’m used to Alfie going to his Daddy’s house but Mileys normally with us 24/7 so it was really bizzare not hearing her little cooing noises like a birdy.

The next day however, we we’re all back together, I do love my little family.

Gay bar, Gay bar, Gay bar.

Yesterday was a roller coaster of emotions. I started the day nervous for Phil as he had his bike test, then I was excited as my niece Paige was coming to the park with me, Alfie & Miley. Not long after my niece was dropped off & Phil was picked up by my parents & 6 year old nephew, I got a phone call as I was about to leave, saying they’d been involved in a car crash. Thank God no one was badly hurt & were all just a bit shook up. Phil was unable to attend his bike test due to the crash, so decided to come to the park with us. 

We bought Dominoes pizza, garlic bread & chicken strips & had a picnic in the park, it was lovely. After we had all nommed our pizzas, Alfie & Paige then spent a few hours playing in the park & Paige was singing her head off to “Black Heart” which was hilarious. The day came to an end when we were all getting a bit tired, we headed off into town where we bought Pic A Mix from Wilkinson’s & then headed to Asda Living where I bought myself some new clothes, Alfie & Miley had their Halloween costumes & Paige had a pretty princess dolly. The got the bus home & headed to my parents house, where I watched Mr Beans Holiday for the millionth time & still laughed my head off.

My brother came home & after being in hospital for 6 days after going to the Drs complaining of a stomach ache and then being sent straight to hospital for a operation, he was pretty bored & fed up he asked would either me or Phil go out with him for the night, I told Phil he should go, but Phil could see that I really wanted to! So insisted that I could go & he’d baby sit, I rushed to get home & get dressed as my brother is very punctual & when he says be ready in an hour, he means you’ve got 40 minutes dont be late.

I chucked on the clothes I had bought that day, grey leapord print leggings & a baggy jumper that matched, alongside purple eye shadow & military boots. As predicted my brother had turned up early, I gave Alfie, Miley & Phil kisses goodbye & headed off to his car.

We wernt sure where we were going but we were on our way to Cheshire Oaks, for dinner & to watch a film, when he decided we should check if Chester fair was on, sadly it wasnt, so we parked up & proceeded to find somewhere to eat.

We found a lovely place where the food was absolutely amazing for the price! we waited a good 40 minutes for our starters but it was totally worth it & the woman was extremely apologetic. My brother spend the whole night glued to his phone texting his boyfriend & friends. Which meant I was constantly checking my phone. The food was so lovely that I kept half of my bacon, chicken & cheese burger for Phil as I knew he’d love it! I discreetly wrapped it up & put it in my handbag. I can’t wait to go there again with Phil, I know he’d really enjoy it. I felt really guilty on my brother though, as he wasnt allowed to drink alcohol as he was on antibiotics, but he insisted that I should, so I did.

I thought were going to head home after the meal as we had missed the cinema times, however my brother asked did I want to go for another drink,  I said sure & he took me to a gay bar. I don’t have a problem whatsoever with Gay people, but I felt very out of place! The people there however are so full of energy & I was really shocked to see how many old men were there perving on the younger guys.

There was two drag queens hosting the night, one of which was called Miss Penny Tration, which made me laugh every time she said it. I absolutely loved the place & although I really didn’t know where to look, I’d never seen two guys make out before & where we were sat they were right in my direction & I found myself looking at the floor alot & tweeted non stop, as my brother was still texting away.

My experience of being in a gay bar was lots of fun!  I’d go again, but maybe when my brother was able to drink as he likes to dance a lot & being sober didn’t dance once! I felt really uncomfortable as the drag queens were making jokes out of Madeline Mccann & asked a polish guy did they have shots in Poland or just gas chambers, everyone laughed especially the guy, but I didn’t find it funny as that’s not really my sense of humour.

We headed off home & David dropped me off & my house, Miley was just going to bed & Alfie had fallen asleep just after i’d left, whilst still eating his dinner. Me & Phil listened to some music on SKY & sang away to some songs, which I was in utter shock that he too knew the words to Tenacious D- Tribute. I then headed off to bed for some well needed sleep.

I woke up at 5am & just couldn’t sleep, I kept thinking about my family being in the accident, Alfies skin blistering, Miley choking every time she drinks, Phils Nan dying & a load of other stuff.

I finally settled to sleep about 6:30ish & was woken at 10:30! with a bacon bap, a glass of Dr Pepper & a huge bubble bath, both children were up & ready & there was nothing left for me to do! I guess i’m a lucky girly, Phil definatly looks after us! he came back from town yesterday with lots of presents for me, a jumper i’d been wanting for ages but wasn’t willing to pay the price for it, some earrings, a new nose stud & some lovely perfume & although I was a bit shocked at how much he’d spent, I was over the moon at the sweet gesture. The futures looking very good for me.

Valentines Day <3

I know its late to post about Valentines Day, but better late than never!

The night before valentine’s day I surprised my boyfriend with an Indian curry meal, a heart candle and a bottle of non alcoholic wine from Asda (me being pregnant and all I didn’t want to feel left out),

I set the table out while he was upstairs tidying our bedroom, hImagee assumed I was just making dinner, but I caught him having a sneak peek when he thought I wasn’t looking. I turned on the Xbox and quickly flicked to Last Fm looking for JLS radio, because my boyfriend is obsessed with JLS, I have no idea why as they aren’t that good. While it was loading I quickly wrote in his card and shouted him downstairs.

He seemed really pleased with it all and the food was delicious, he had chicken Korma and I had chicken Tikka masala.

I told him that I didn’t want anything for valentine’s day as it just seemed a waste of money, where as a meal for both of us while Alfie was at his Dads house, seemed more beneficial.

The next day, being valentines day me and Ceirwen made cupcakes, they looked and smelt really good and


although everyone kept saying they were gorgeous, I wasnt too keen, in fact they’re still in the bottom of my fridge, but I had a great time making and decorating them although I did burn my hand on the tray and drop most of them on the floor.

Ceirwen left to go meet her boyfriend and I jumped in the bath to wash my hair, phil had gone to town and he told me he needed to get his contact lenses changed, I didn’t think nothing of it as he spends his life in Specsavers, in fact he’s there at the moment. When he came back I was still in the bath, he told me not to come downstairs, I had a feeling he was up to something but I had no idea what. I started to get really dizzy in the bath and decided to get out, I headed to my room and started drying my afro, phil still insisting that I dont come downstairs, I was getting really naggy and impatient so I decided to just go down, he was already finished and had shut the livingroom door. I knew he was going to pick up dominos pizza as I’d told him what I wanted, my usual, stuffed crust BBQ base, chili green peppers and chicken pizza with garlic sauce!


He opened the living room door for me and I was delighted with what I saw, the 1st thing to catch my eyes was the overly large balloon, probably the biggest balloon I’ve ever had, I joked that it was half way between balloon and hot air balloon, because it was huge! He’d also bought me a Yankee candle, Boofle stuff, a me to you bear from Alfie and bump which is wearing a necklace that says “I ❤ mummy” a beautiful card which I moaned at him for as it was £15 and to me that’s day light robbery! he also lined the table with little sequins hearts, red ones and some with Boofle’s face on them! I’ve never been spoiled on Valentines day except by my Nanna and Grandad so I was really shocked that he’d gone to so much effort! but then again, I’m not sure why I was shocked because he went to the same amount of effort on my birthday, when no one else could be bothered to. I guess I’m a lucky ducky!Image

Oh, You’ve been talking ’bout my new diamond rings..

Don’t need your money-box, Cause I got lots & lots, Of what I need right here, right here with you my dear.

I realised recently that the world really does revolve around money and how much of it you have. Growing up I had the best of everything, I never had to ask twice, if I wanted it, I had it within days, if not that day. My Nanna and Grandad spoilt me so much that I never really realised how little I cared for money, I only had to smile and I’d get what I want. My Nanna at 72 had a better mobile phone and laptop than me, I remember jokingly saying it was unfair and the same day she gave me the money to go buy a new laptop.

Even though my Nanna passed away, I still have a way of getting everything I want, I’m not spoilt, sometimes I’ve gone weeks without any money, in fact one time I gave the last of my money to Children In Need and was broke as a joke for a few weeks, but it was just the sight of the little children on the TV going without the simplest of things, water and food, something we all take for granted and while I was sat in my lovely house watching the Tv with Alfie about to order a takeaway, I realised there’s more important things in life, so gave the last of my money away.

As a single Mum, I can’t spoilt myself as much as I used to, but it’s weird, I don’t actually treat myself at all, it seems like at the moment, I don’t need money to make me happy, my Nanna used to always tell me that “money doesn’t bring happiness” which I’d quickly reply with “I’d rather be crying with pretty clothes on” she told me that one day i’d realise that it’s not that important. I honestly now feel like all these years I’ve done nothing but waste money on stuff I never appreciated or really needed. I would get paid from work and automatically either spend it in town or spend it online, leaving me broke for the rest of the week because I wanted something pointless.

I’ve done nothing but pine for my iphone back, a birthday present  I was bought from my boyfriend at the time, he took it back off me out of pure spite and it quite literally devastated me having to buy a rubbish phone to replace it, but my “rubbish” phone does exactly what I only really used my iPhone for, texts, phone calls and occasionally the internet, yeah the cameras not as good but I have a lovely digital camera which cost me quite a lot, so I really don’t see why I moaned so much.

I guess recently I realised that with my lack of money, I’m still just as happy as I was when I had lots of money, it seems that I now know that the people around me make me much happier than money ever did, I just wished I had listened to my Nanna sooner. However, with my new-found wisdom ahha, I hope I can teach Alfie that it doesn’t matter how much or how little money he has, as long as he has enough to pay his bills, it’s the least of his problems and as long as he is a good person, karma comes back around and will reward him with happiness that money can’t buy, love.

My Perfect Boyfriend

I’ve been moaning a lot recently to anyone that will listen about how boring it is being single, I’ve been single for 4 months and although thats not a long time, I don’t see the appeal at all, why be single if you can be in a loving relationship? It’s not that I havent had the chance to meet guys, because I have, it’s more the fact that they all seem to be idiots. Although, I never really give anyone a chance. I’m quick to judge people and decide there and then if I can even be bothered with them and the majority of the time, I can’t. There is a lot of weirdos in this world and I should know, because I’m one of them, I’m just so fussy I don’t think I’ll find someone who ticks every box.. or even close! so here’s my list:

    1. He has to like children, because lets face it.. if he doesn’t, then that’s going to be a problem!
    2. I have to be attracted to him
    3. Always want to better himself
    4. Be himself no matter what anyone thinks of him
    5. Be extremely hygienic
    6. Know how to make me happy
    7. Have things in common with me
    8. Take pride in his appearance
    9. Has to be taller than me
    10. Dark hair and dark eyes is always a plus
    11. Not care if his family think he can do better than me
    12. He has to smell nice
    13. He has to be funny, because if he doesn’t make me laugh, whats the point?
    14. Not get jealous over every single thing, because if I’m going out with him, that should be enough to show I like him.
    15. He has to like my family and act like he’s apart of my family.
    16. Let me wear his T-shirts to bed
    17. Like Love animals
    18. Be creative
    19. Like computer games
    20. Like phone calls no matter how pointless they are
    21. Want to spend as much time with me as possible
    22. Put me before his friends
    23. Stick up for me and defend me
    24. Understand that if we’re sharing a umberella, hes going to get soaked because I’m short therefore have to hold the brolly or I’ll get wet!
    25. Want to go places with me
    26. Wants to spend time with me and Alfie
    27. Someone that wakes me up in the morning and tells me to get dressed as he’s made plans for us that day
    28. He kinda has to understand that when it comes to money, I don’t save, ever, I could be dead tomorrow, what good are my savings then?
    29. Not moan that I dye my hair pretty much weekly
    30. Understand that yeah I moan my hairs too long, but as soon as it gets too long, I’ll cut it short and buy overly expensive hair extensions then moan my hairs too short
    31. Not be freaked out that I kinda have split personalities
    32. Not mind that I buy pointless stuff that I’ll never use
    33. Someone who encourages me to be a better person
    34. Someone who’s witty and sarcastic
    35. Know that although I’m not perfect neither are you
    36. Someone that doesn’t lie to me and tells me the truth even if it will hurt me
    37. Someone who’s romantic and spontaneous but knows there’s a line between romantic and cheesy, you’re not Romeo so don’t pretend to be
    38. Not be pissed at me for changing my mind on absolutely everything several times a day
    39. Doesnt think im weird because I often talk in different accents without even realising
    40. Someone that doesn’t eat lamb, ever. haha
    41. He has to like music as I sing pretty much all the time, I even sing my conversations some times
    42. Will go out of his way, no matter what it takes to make me happy
    43. Someone with confidence because I have great confidence and could talk to anyone, although sometimes I get incredibly shy
    44. Theres a fine line between confidence and cockiness though.. just saying!
    45. Understand and not question my fears, they are stupid and I’m fully aware of that
    46. Not question that I believe in God, he doesn’t have to be religious though
    47. Be extremely cute and playful
    48. Not care that I’m fat and don’t have the perfect porn star body especialy because of stretchmarks
    49. Not moan that I spend way too much money on Coca Cola
    50. I get bored very quickly so he has to know how to entertain me
    51. I want someone who knows what he wants and tells me
    52. He has to understand that I never know what I want!
    53. I’m not a push over so he shouldnt be either
    54. Someone who doesn’t get angry, shout of moan at me
    55. Obviously, he can’t be physically abusive, I’m not stupid
    56. Someone that understands although I’ll grow old I’ll never grow up
    57. Want to try anything once
    58. Someone that wants the whole entire world to know how much he loves me
    59. Someone that also understands that I don’t really like public displays of affection
    60. Someone that understands that I’m a hypocrite.. ha.

I think I’m done, at least that’s all I can think of, My list could actually go to at least 10 A4 pages long, but in fear that I’ll turn into a nun if I don’t stop being fussy, there’s my list! I really wanted a boyfriend by January the 1st, tis my birthday, but Jesus, re-reading it I see why I’m single! aha. Maybe one day.