On the 16th of Feb…

On the 16th of february, I had a hospital appointment for an ultrasound to check that my baby was developing normally, had all of its limbs the sex of the baby and most importantly that it still had a heartbeat. I was really nervous all week and excited. The day finally came, I dropped Alfie off at my Mums house and me and Phil headed to the hospital. I had a feeling that something would be wrong and they’d not be able to find the baby’s heartbeat, this happened so many times when I was pregnant with Alfie so I was really anxious to just get it over with. I’d spent most of the morning feeling ill and at one point nearly phoned to rearrange the appointment.

We got to the hospital and were a  little bit early, I ordered some lovely buttered toast from the Cafe and some pure orange juice, Phil wasnt hungry as he’d had chinese food with my family so I scoffed down my toast and we proceeded to the x-ray department. I kept asking Phil was he nervous, but he wasnt he was just calm and normal, I asked him over and over again between drinking cups of water.

Finally it was my turn to go in,  I had to sign a form to give my consent to them telling me the sex of the baby, I quickly signed it and lay on the bed. She lifted up my t-shirt, undone my zip on my jeans (I was horrified) and tucked some kitchen roll type material into my underwear to stop the Gel from going on them. I lay there patiently and she searched for the baby.

She quickly found it and it wouldn’t keep still!  she did all of her routine checks which took forever as the baby wouldn’t keep still and kept covering its face and crossing its legs. She said that everything was developing normally and the baby was fine which made me smile. She then proceeded to find out the sex of the baby, this took a while and she said she wasnt sure, but then when the baby moved its legs she insisted we were having a girl! I was so sure it was a boy that I was in utter shock, Phil seemed over the moon she congratulated us and handed me paper towels to clean my stomach. We left there with 6 scan photos and smiles on our faces.

We quickly phoned our parents who were really happy for us and headed into town to buy a cute little pink baby outfit! and apparently so did my Mum as when she came to my house that night she’d bought loads of girlie clothes! 

I’ve had lots of congratulations and everyone seems really happy for us both, so thankyou to everyone that has bought us baby stuff already and all the nice messages and calls we’ve had, it really means a lot to me. I really can’t wait til July now.

My Perfect Boyfriend

I’ve been moaning a lot recently to anyone that will listen about how boring it is being single, I’ve been single for 4 months and although thats not a long time, I don’t see the appeal at all, why be single if you can be in a loving relationship? It’s not that I havent had the chance to meet guys, because I have, it’s more the fact that they all seem to be idiots. Although, I never really give anyone a chance. I’m quick to judge people and decide there and then if I can even be bothered with them and the majority of the time, I can’t. There is a lot of weirdos in this world and I should know, because I’m one of them, I’m just so fussy I don’t think I’ll find someone who ticks every box.. or even close! so here’s my list:

    1. He has to like children, because lets face it.. if he doesn’t, then that’s going to be a problem!
    2. I have to be attracted to him
    3. Always want to better himself
    4. Be himself no matter what anyone thinks of him
    5. Be extremely hygienic
    6. Know how to make me happy
    7. Have things in common with me
    8. Take pride in his appearance
    9. Has to be taller than me
    10. Dark hair and dark eyes is always a plus
    11. Not care if his family think he can do better than me
    12. He has to smell nice
    13. He has to be funny, because if he doesn’t make me laugh, whats the point?
    14. Not get jealous over every single thing, because if I’m going out with him, that should be enough to show I like him.
    15. He has to like my family and act like he’s apart of my family.
    16. Let me wear his T-shirts to bed
    17. Like Love animals
    18. Be creative
    19. Like computer games
    20. Like phone calls no matter how pointless they are
    21. Want to spend as much time with me as possible
    22. Put me before his friends
    23. Stick up for me and defend me
    24. Understand that if we’re sharing a umberella, hes going to get soaked because I’m short therefore have to hold the brolly or I’ll get wet!
    25. Want to go places with me
    26. Wants to spend time with me and Alfie
    27. Someone that wakes me up in the morning and tells me to get dressed as he’s made plans for us that day
    28. He kinda has to understand that when it comes to money, I don’t save, ever, I could be dead tomorrow, what good are my savings then?
    29. Not moan that I dye my hair pretty much weekly
    30. Understand that yeah I moan my hairs too long, but as soon as it gets too long, I’ll cut it short and buy overly expensive hair extensions then moan my hairs too short
    31. Not be freaked out that I kinda have split personalities
    32. Not mind that I buy pointless stuff that I’ll never use
    33. Someone who encourages me to be a better person
    34. Someone who’s witty and sarcastic
    35. Know that although I’m not perfect neither are you
    36. Someone that doesn’t lie to me and tells me the truth even if it will hurt me
    37. Someone who’s romantic and spontaneous but knows there’s a line between romantic and cheesy, you’re not Romeo so don’t pretend to be
    38. Not be pissed at me for changing my mind on absolutely everything several times a day
    39. Doesnt think im weird because I often talk in different accents without even realising
    40. Someone that doesn’t eat lamb, ever. haha
    41. He has to like music as I sing pretty much all the time, I even sing my conversations some times
    42. Will go out of his way, no matter what it takes to make me happy
    43. Someone with confidence because I have great confidence and could talk to anyone, although sometimes I get incredibly shy
    44. Theres a fine line between confidence and cockiness though.. just saying!
    45. Understand and not question my fears, they are stupid and I’m fully aware of that
    46. Not question that I believe in God, he doesn’t have to be religious though
    47. Be extremely cute and playful
    48. Not care that I’m fat and don’t have the perfect porn star body especialy because of stretchmarks
    49. Not moan that I spend way too much money on Coca Cola
    50. I get bored very quickly so he has to know how to entertain me
    51. I want someone who knows what he wants and tells me
    52. He has to understand that I never know what I want!
    53. I’m not a push over so he shouldnt be either
    54. Someone who doesn’t get angry, shout of moan at me
    55. Obviously, he can’t be physically abusive, I’m not stupid
    56. Someone that understands although I’ll grow old I’ll never grow up
    57. Want to try anything once
    58. Someone that wants the whole entire world to know how much he loves me
    59. Someone that also understands that I don’t really like public displays of affection
    60. Someone that understands that I’m a hypocrite.. ha.

I think I’m done, at least that’s all I can think of, My list could actually go to at least 10 A4 pages long, but in fear that I’ll turn into a nun if I don’t stop being fussy, there’s my list! I really wanted a boyfriend by January the 1st, tis my birthday, but Jesus, re-reading it I see why I’m single! aha. Maybe one day.


I’ve had a really good day today, regardless of a few let downs from a certain person, but whats new?

I had a lovely 2 hour bath and feel all nice and clean! and well then my Dad came to see me for a bit, which was nice and he cut my grass for me which was also nice of him and I finally finished my weekly shop, it took 3 hours and I’m quite happy with everything I bought, especially my shower gel. My deliveries wont be here until 9pm-11pm tomorrow though :s

I woke up today to find Ceirwen had signed me up to a dating site, I could have literally gone to her house and knocked her out, seriously. But I guess i’ll let her off , because yesterday Ceirwen decided that it was time to have a deep and meaningful awkward as hell conversation, which led me to fiddling with my earrings, laptop and anything else in side I spent most of the time avoiding every question she asked, but then kinda felt guilty as I know she’s shy and she answered all of my questions, even the ones about sex. So I answered them all correctly and I’m hoping I’m gonna get some sort of blue peter badge in the post cause it was awkward having to talk about feelings and shiz, I don’t get why girls voluntarily do it, I really don’t.

Then there was E3! which was amazing, really amazing and I am excited for the new xbox360 games coming out!

*Facebook Likes*

As a Facebook addict, I love reading through the “likes” pages, liking so many of them a day, I like to like. It seems to have gone from “LOLjk” to “that awkward moment …” Although I did copy and paste, I didn’t spell check it and the spelling is bad, likes seem to either be funny or true. So these are my favourite:

daughter : ” hey mum me and my boyfriend are just going to my room. ”
mum : ” ok dont do anything stupid ”
* mum hears her daughter screaming ”BAABBY BAABBY BAABBYY OOHHHH” !! *
* mum rushes up stairs *
mum : ”what are you doing !!?!??!!”
daughter : ”get out mum we are having sex !!.”
mum : ”ohhh thank god, i thought you were listening to justin bieber.”

That spider is more scared than you are!” ……………………………. OH REALLY?! DID IT TELL YOU THAT?

Today, I decided that I want to be a ninja when I grow up. I Googled “Ninja School” to see where I can be professionally trained in the art. I followed a link that said Ninja School, and the page could not be found. Well played, Ninja School.

The embarrassment when you walk out of the house and have to go back in to change, because you realise that you’re just too sexy for your shirt :/

You think reading Shakespeare is hard? Imagine the poor people in a couple of hundred years time, who will be reading ” So, like, I was like maaate I’m gonna shank yuu so ard bruv! and den Tairone was like “you havin’ a bubble,” and I was like “No mate, are you thick doe! but Shanesse was like OMG doe, Actual LOL innit! because she got a text from Brandon who said that Christa was like, on the chunder train after downing a whole bottle of Voddy and Strongy B…….”

Blanket on, too hot. Blanket off, too cold. One leg out, perfect, until the awkward moment when the demon from Paranormal Activity grabs it.

Sitting in the cinema, ready to watch the movie… and when it’s about to start…….. BOOOOOM, Human giraffe sits in front of you

sibling Property Rules
If I like it, its mine.
If im holding it, its mine.
If i can take it from you, its mine.
If i had it a little while ago, its mine.
If im chewing something up, all the pieces are mine.
If its mine, it must never appear to be yours anyway.
If it it just looks like mine, its mine.
If you are playing with something and you put it down, it automatically becomes mine.
If its broken, its yours.

I swear Mario is a hobo. He wakes up everyday in the same clothes, runs around in sewers, and collects coins. To buy what? MUSHROOMS.

The awkward moment when you think you’re doing really well in Mario Kart and then realize you’ve been looking at the wrong screen.

Learn Chinese in 5 minites! (say it out loud ;D )

1. Thats not right
(Sum Ting Wong)

2. See me ASAP
(Kum Hia Nao)

3. Small horse
(Tai Ni Po Ni)

4. You need a facelift
(Chin tu fat)

5. I thought you were on a diet
(Wai Yu Mun Ching)

6. He”s cleaning the car
(Wa Shing Ka)

7. Your body odour is offensive
(Yu Stin Ki Pu)

8. This is a tow away zone
(No Pah King)

9. Great!
(Fa Kin Su Pah)

My plan for the year.

I havent actualy achieved any of my new year goals, but I do plan to do so. So here they are:

Plan Alfies Birthday

Get Alfie Christened

But my Leeds Festival Ticket and coach

Go to The Leeds Festival

Sort my birth certificate out

Start driving lessons

Buy a car

Book a holiday

Reach 25068 gamer score

Stop drinking coca cola

Start and finish another full photo of the day