Oh Em Gee Bruv.

I havent blogged in a while, for good reason! I’ve been severely distracted by my new boyfriend Philip! I’ve known him for 9 years and even though that’s a long time, we’d never met. We’d talk on MSN, webcam, Bebo before it went rubbish, Facebook, texts and phone calls. We spoke pretty much constantly throughout the 9 years, a few times we’d fall out, mostly his fault, but we’d always be friends again.

We became a lot closer this last year, every time Ben would shout at me or make me feel down, i’d confide in Phil and he’d cheer me up, the day Ben went to hit me, I phoned Phil for advice. I didn’t think we’d ever really meet up, we’re nothing alike and I thought he’d annoy the hell out of me, but after talking to his Dad on the phone, it became clear that we were actually going to meet.

On the 3rd of September he travelled 11ish hours to my house, part by car with his brother, then a train for the rest of the journey, followed by a taxi. I was out drinking with Ceirwen and Matt when I got the text saying he was at the train station, we’d left the bar and popped into McDonald’s to get Ceirwen a fanta, so I left them there and walked to the station. It was half 11 at night and there was a fight outside a pub, I quickly shuffled along avoiding everyone. I seemed to be waiting forever outside the station, some randomers said “hi” to me, I waved and then I turned and to my left, Philip was standing there. We both didn’t know what to say “hi i’m Leanna” seemed appropriate, it wasnt exciting… it seemed like I was just meeting a friend I saw daily, it just felt normal. He was only meant to stay 4 days, it’s been 11.

He seems to have fit perfectly into my life, my family love him and he tries really hard with Alfie and Alfie genuinely loves him being here, he seems to listen to Phil more than me. He even helps me with Alfie’s every day needs, dressing him, changing his nappy, cooking and he gets up in the night with him too. He’s so playful aswell, we spent an hour in a toy shop while he picked what toys he wanted…he settled with a bouncy ball, a cow that flips,  growing fish in a tank, a fish key ring and a weird hand face thing, I insisted that he was wasting his money, but it made me giggle.

He’s taken me out for dates, we’ve been out every day since he’s been here, we’ve bought each other gifts and we just seem to connect. He’s such a weirdo in every way possible that I don’t think we’ll ever get bored with each other.

He was looking at me yesterday, I turned and said “what?” he replied “Are we soul mates?” So I said “what?” his eyes filled up and he replied “I think you could be my soul mate” it was so cheesy and normally i’d burst out laughing, but I think he really meant it. He’s so different from the person I talked to online, he was cocky, arrogant vain and damn right annoying! Although he is still annoying, he’s also very sensitive, emotional and he has such a big heart. He even offered to come to Alfie’s hospital appointment with me, because Ben didn’t want to go and he knew I’d be upset going alone.

I just wish he didn’t have to go home.


Cheers to the freakin weekend, I drink to that.

The last week Alfie was at his Dads house, although not being able to see him for a whole week has been really hard, I had a really good week.


Alfie left with Ben and I was like nooo! after he’d gone, Ceirwen was here though and she gave me a hug to cheer me up, so it was nice. She spotted a load of flying ants in the garden, I poured ant powder over them but it just didn’t seem to work, so I got out deodorant and a lighter and flamethrowered them ahha, actually worked. Ceirwen wasnt in a very happy mood, so I threw her a dress from my wardrobe that I knew she liked and told her to get ready as we we’re going out for dinner. It was fairly late in the evening to be going to town, we went anyway, ordered cocktails and had some nommy food, we decided to go and buy alcohol to make our own cocktail at home, i’ll be honest it tasted like crap, apple sourz, schnapps and lemonade, twas incredibly strong and over powering. We proceeded to my garden where my dog just totally got on our nerves, after singing and dancing, I decided I wanted to get changed, I lay on my bed for about 15 minutes and decided I just wanted to go to bed, I asked Matt not to come, which I felt bad about but, there was no point.


I wantd to spend the day naked, eating the contents of my fridge and watching rubbish TV, I did the rubbish TV part, a programme about a Scottish girl who was pregnant, I love the show, but her voice was just so annoying. I had a phone call from my Mum asking me to go to the shop for her to get her an onion, she wasnt in work as my granddad was poorly that day. I hesitated as I really didn’t want to, but did it anyway and in the end she had a whole shopping list of things she needed. I got to her house and my granddad really didn’t look well, he never does these days bless him. I asked my mum what she was planning to cook, she said cottage pie, so I made it for her, chopped up all the ingredients, peeled the potatoes and cooked the mince and I was surprised because there was enough to feed about 6 people and my family loved it and ate every bit, I was rather happy as none of them think I can cook. I left her house about half 12 to do some washing for my granddad, Ceirwen had asked me to go to her house for a bit,  the weather was beautiful and I said we should be on a beach after less than 5 mins of discussing, we were at the bus stop waiting for a bus to Barmouth. The bus took two and a half hours and it was worth every minute, I got changed on the bus and Ceirwen got changed in the middle of the beach! We decided to go into the sea, I got absolutely soaked and was wearing a denim miniskirt, it looked like I peed myself. We decided to take out t shirts off just for the fun of it and it was actually really fun! I needed a wee and Ceirwen said she wasnt going to walk all the way back to the toilets and suggested I just go in the sea, I removed my underwear and peed in the sea, i’m classy like that. We went to the arcade where I won lots of tokens and a toy car for Alfie. We got the half 6 bus home and there was a dead pigeon or seagull I can’t remember, in the road and people were just walking through it! it was gross. The bus ride home was dire, I was soaked and freezing. All in all though it was a really fun day!


Me and Ceirwen decided to go to Rhyl, we ended up just staying in Chester, it wasnt a very good day as it was pouring down and Ceirwen wasnt feeling very good, I do love Chester, but it just has too many memories that I felt I couldn’t really enjoy myself anyway, so we went home. I fell asleep on the bus, I’ve been so tired recently, I’ve been staying awake til 7am and getting up after a few hours and it really just caught up with me that day. I got home and I had plans to watch DVD’s with Dewi, I invited Ceirwen and Matt to join and there was lots of alcohol, me and Matt went to the chippy and when I came back theyd rearranged my house! mostly Dewi though to be honest! The 3 of them got extremely drunk, I’ve never seen Dewi or Ceirwen that drunk before, I didn’t really drink as I was feeling really sad and didn’t think it was wise to get drunk. The whole night was pretty much spent in my bed with them all and there was alcohol spilt everywhere. I was woken up in the early morning by Ceirwen saying Matt had to go home, I assumed she was leaving too but when I woke up later on and went downstairs she was sat in my livingroom and had tidied up all of their mess, which was a relief as I was not looking forward to it!


I went to town with Ceirwen and decided to treat myself to a new fridge freezer, piercing, Xbox live, xbox game, skull candy headphones, an iPod, a chilli pizza and bought my mum a prezzie teehee! Oh and bought a new phone cover off Ebay for my sexyyyy new phone!


Friday was a bit of a disaster, I sent the whole day stressed out. It started with my brother coming to my house with his girlfriend Sophie and her friend, I hate people coming to my house without telling me, I don’t know why but it makes me feel so uncomfortable. Then Ceirwen came down but I knew she was coming. Sophie’s car had broken down and she’s such a drama queen she was faffing about for ages as I was trying to clean as a lady was coming to collect Obi. My brother and crew left and then the woman turned up, I really didn’t want to get rid of Obi, but I knew it was for the best to rehome him. She really loved him, she emailed me saying thankyou and that her four little boys love him to bits and she couldn’t imagine a better dog, which made me really happy. Then my Dad came to help me with my new fridge, the woman who bought my old one was due any minute and I felt even more nervous! After carrying a 7ft fridge with my Dad he told me he was taking my old one to the womans house, which was a relief. Ceirwen helped me move everything around and was genuinely a great help. When Ceirwen left I spent the rest of the night on the phone, I even had a conversation with the persons Dad, I felt so awkward but, I really am truly glad I spoke to him because now everything makes sense, it might not to you, but it does to me.


I don’t even remember what I did saturday, I just remember making bacon at 4am. Oh and I baby sit for my niece and nephew, it was lovely and my dad got me indian food which was gorgeous! but way too much for me to eat so I kept some for the next day! and played halo3.


Probably the worst day to be honest, so much family drama at my parents house so I just decided to go home, my granddad looked really ill today too, I gave him a big cuddle and we were both wearing green, I joked that we looked like a tree.. i’m not sure why, I just really didn’t know what to say to him without crying. When I came home I spent pretty much the whole day talking to the one of the few people who really make me happy these days, I had a bath, cleaned my fish out did my brothers washing and spent the night on halo, Ceirwen came to my house late in the night to get some sims games, I have them all and because I love sims so much, I like that other people borrow my games so then its like yay you like sims too, fully aware how lame I am. The rest of the night was spent feeling incredibly ill, my head was pounding and it was horrible.


I woke up today, I hadn’t put my bin out, I couldn’t be bothered, I had remembered in the middle of the night and went to take it out but it was so dark, my head is killing me and Alfies due back in a few hours and i’m so excited!

Give me a long kiss goodnight & everything will be alright, tell me that I wont feel a thing.

Yesterday I had a good day with Ceirwen & her boyfriend Matt. Me and Matt got slightly drunk and played a few drinking games whilst drinking his vodka with grass inside it, I was keen to finish the bottle so I could have the grass and pretend to be a farmer! Matt did explain why it had grass inside it, but to be honest I can’t remember. I just remember it had some animal on the bottle and grass inside… so the photo could or could not be it! ahaha.

The night went incredibly quick and the next minute, I’m in bed! I woke up in the morning around 7am, decided I wanted bacon and chips and we we’re in a cafe eating before I knew it. Ceirwen did her usual “stop texting, it’s rude!” talk, so I did.. for about 10 minutes, I do text a lot, but in all fairness, it would be rude not to reply 😉

I spent the day moaning that I was fed up, in all fairness, Ceirwen and Matt did try to cheer me up and they did succeed. We spent the day just sunbathing in the garden, throwing and a ball about and basically just lazing about.

I never tell people when I’m feeling down or sad, so they should be lucky really! ahaha! Matt went home and around 5 O’clock me and Ceirwen walked towards my parents house, Ceirwen going home and me continuing to go up the steep hill whilst pushing Alfie! I finally arrived at my parents house, my mum was in the garden and my Dad shouted down “are my socks down there?” he was rushing to get ready for work I chucked him up his socks, he stood there in his boxers and ACDC t-shirt I bought him, to avoid all awkwardness, I replied “here’s your socks, the t-shirts nice!” and he went off to get changed. My Mum spent the majority of the time saying “you look fed up love” whilst posing for her picture taken, I told her I was fine, just a lil tired, it was true I was knackered!

I headed home around 7, was stopped by an old lady for a good 15 minute chat, shes lovely, so I  didn’t mind, coincidentally bumped into Ceirwen and ended up walking her dog for her and going to the chippy with her, I really fancied a pot noodle and popped into the shop to be left in disappointment that they didnt have the green one! I settled with black and then waited for Ceirwens food to cook, we were served by a chinese guy I’ve never seen before, well dress and kinda cute, but with the most shocking british accent i’ve ever heard, I sounded more chinese than he did! I said bye to Ceirwen and headed home with the phone number of a person selling kittens!

The plan was to come home and get drunk, but after watching Odd One In and some programme with magicians, which I loved as I love magic! I used to love the masked magician! came online for a bit, spoke to some friends and I then decided to have a quick bath, which turned into a long one as I fell asleep in it, and headed to bed at midnight.

I woke up this morning feeling so ill, my head was pounding,  I phoned my Mum to see what time Alfie was coming home, she said in the next half hour so I jumped out of bed, quickly tidied up, stared blanky at my afro in the mirror, played Xbox for a little bit and an hour later, my lil milky button was home!

Give me everything tonight… ;’]

I was slightly shocked to see that this week the majority of my blog search views are about the song “give me everything”

I love the song and it made me giggle quite a bit! It’s a very dancey song and although not normally the type of song I like, it’s rather addictive and even now listening to it I want to dance! *shakes* It reminds me of being in IronWorks with Ceirwen and Matt and Ceirwen doing her usual sing towards someone dance, I mean the type where she will point at me and sing the lyrics, aha shes funny. Although it is the type of song that you have to dance with someone to, it’s like the law or something.


I’ve had a really good day today, regardless of a few let downs from a certain person, but whats new?

I had a lovely 2 hour bath and feel all nice and clean! and well then my Dad came to see me for a bit, which was nice and he cut my grass for me which was also nice of him and I finally finished my weekly shop, it took 3 hours and I’m quite happy with everything I bought, especially my shower gel. My deliveries wont be here until 9pm-11pm tomorrow though :s

I woke up today to find Ceirwen had signed me up to a dating site, I could have literally gone to her house and knocked her out, seriously. But I guess i’ll let her off , because yesterday Ceirwen decided that it was time to have a deep and meaningful awkward as hell conversation, which led me to fiddling with my earrings, laptop and anything else in side I spent most of the time avoiding every question she asked, but then kinda felt guilty as I know she’s shy and she answered all of my questions, even the ones about sex. So I answered them all correctly and I’m hoping I’m gonna get some sort of blue peter badge in the post cause it was awkward having to talk about feelings and shiz, I don’t get why girls voluntarily do it, I really don’t.

Then there was E3! which was amazing, really amazing and I am excited for the new xbox360 games coming out!

*Facebook Likes*

As a Facebook addict, I love reading through the “likes” pages, liking so many of them a day, I like to like. It seems to have gone from “LOLjk” to “that awkward moment …” Although I did copy and paste, I didn’t spell check it and the spelling is bad, likes seem to either be funny or true. So these are my favourite:

daughter : ” hey mum me and my boyfriend are just going to my room. ”
mum : ” ok dont do anything stupid ”
* mum hears her daughter screaming ”BAABBY BAABBY BAABBYY OOHHHH” !! *
* mum rushes up stairs *
mum : ”what are you doing !!?!??!!”
daughter : ”get out mum we are having sex !!.”
mum : ”ohhh thank god, i thought you were listening to justin bieber.”

That spider is more scared than you are!” ……………………………. OH REALLY?! DID IT TELL YOU THAT?

Today, I decided that I want to be a ninja when I grow up. I Googled “Ninja School” to see where I can be professionally trained in the art. I followed a link that said Ninja School, and the page could not be found. Well played, Ninja School.

The embarrassment when you walk out of the house and have to go back in to change, because you realise that you’re just too sexy for your shirt :/

You think reading Shakespeare is hard? Imagine the poor people in a couple of hundred years time, who will be reading ” So, like, I was like maaate I’m gonna shank yuu so ard bruv! and den Tairone was like “you havin’ a bubble,” and I was like “No mate, are you thick doe! but Shanesse was like OMG doe, Actual LOL innit! because she got a text from Brandon who said that Christa was like, on the chunder train after downing a whole bottle of Voddy and Strongy B…….”

Blanket on, too hot. Blanket off, too cold. One leg out, perfect, until the awkward moment when the demon from Paranormal Activity grabs it.

Sitting in the cinema, ready to watch the movie… and when it’s about to start…….. BOOOOOM, Human giraffe sits in front of you

sibling Property Rules
If I like it, its mine.
If im holding it, its mine.
If i can take it from you, its mine.
If i had it a little while ago, its mine.
If im chewing something up, all the pieces are mine.
If its mine, it must never appear to be yours anyway.
If it it just looks like mine, its mine.
If you are playing with something and you put it down, it automatically becomes mine.
If its broken, its yours.

I swear Mario is a hobo. He wakes up everyday in the same clothes, runs around in sewers, and collects coins. To buy what? MUSHROOMS.

The awkward moment when you think you’re doing really well in Mario Kart and then realize you’ve been looking at the wrong screen.

Learn Chinese in 5 minites! (say it out loud ;D )

1. Thats not right
(Sum Ting Wong)

2. See me ASAP
(Kum Hia Nao)

3. Small horse
(Tai Ni Po Ni)

4. You need a facelift
(Chin tu fat)

5. I thought you were on a diet
(Wai Yu Mun Ching)

6. He”s cleaning the car
(Wa Shing Ka)

7. Your body odour is offensive
(Yu Stin Ki Pu)

8. This is a tow away zone
(No Pah King)

9. Great!
(Fa Kin Su Pah)