Valentines day.

So the big V Day is tomorrow and although i’m in a relationship i’m not really bothered about it, I bought Phil the Hostel box set as he was wanting it and a card, oh and I made him some cupcakes, but apart from that, i’m not really seeing the point this year, I know he’s spent quite a lot of money on me but my present isn’t coming til the day after valentines, so I think tomorrow shall be spent eating Domino’s Pizza and watching Hostel! which tbh, sounds pretty good to me! Every other occasion is usually spent going over board with gifts and decorations, but this year I want to strip it all back and have a nice simple valentines day with Phil and my babies! -Perfect.


Birmingham Children’s hospital.

So i’m off to Birmingham Children’s hospital tomorrow, to take Alfie to one of his yearly appointments for his condition. After seeing Alfies local dermatologist, who I really like, although Alfie seems scared of him as he had a massive unreasonable meltdown down when he saw Dr Bala and had to be taken back into the play room, I was told that Alfie needs a new sun cream as he seems to blister more when hes wearing the cream rather than without it. So after 2 years of the same sun cream it turns out that that could be the reason he’s blistering *sigh* it just feels like yet another set back.

I’ve already been told that I will probably never find out what’s wrong with Alfie, they say Rothmund Thomson Syndrome but that hasn’t even been properly confirmed. He’s had x-rays, Skin samples, Ultrasounds, that many blood tests that I’ve lost count, he has to have his eyes tested for cataracts, again.. it’s all very frustrating to know after all of that, after Alfie being pinned to the bed by his arms and legs to have blood taken from the heals of his feet but there not being enough blood so they have to tightly squeeze his feet so the blood flows, all the time he’s screaming and tears are flowing from his face, me having to hold him tightly while he has a chunk of skin cut from his forearm, all of this, and over 50 dermatologists have seen him, I’ve been in touch with a hospital in America who have experience in his condition and his toes nail falling off and splitting, his skin is a constant rash, his eyes water from a little bit of light and MORE horrible experiences that I can’t even remember and still no one knows what is wrong with him.

All of this has happened in the short space of his 2 year life. It’s very upsetting and tomorrow at his appointment i’m hoping for some answers but all I ever hear is “it’s all trial and error” surely someone must know what’s wrong?

Anyway, here’s a short insight to my week.



So I have the new Furby! And it is awesome! They had loads of different colours and each has a personality.

The furby changes it’s personality by how you treat it, phil was playing about with mine while I read the instructions and mine changed into a total camp diva! He keeps saying “like, really!” And “oh em gee!” He’s very happy though!

There’s also grouchy bitchy furbys, gossip queens who don’t shut up, some who are totally into music & head bang or dance and some are just super sweet and obedient! 🙂 I’m hoping to change my furbys personality, I want to try them all! But that only happens depending on how to treat them…

You can also use an app which you can feed, translate & learn the furby language oh & use it to throw things at your furby if it won’t shut up!

This is my 9th Furby so I’m incredibly pleased! I don’t care that ill be 22 in a matter of days, this was my childhood all wrapped up in a weird owlish looking plastic bitchy toy! & I love it! & if you have more than 1 they talk to each other 🙂 yay!

So a quick update on the blog, I changed his personality he’s now evil & keeps hissing at me & growling oh & If I speak he’s like “errrr no” he’s not very nice he Even has fire in his eyes & potions brewing :/ also keeps pretending to be asleep then makes loud noises he’s scary 😦

20121222-105735 PM.jpg

A looooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggggg week.

It’s been a very, very long week! but thankfully, it’s nearly over. Dealing with one poorly baby is tough, but two is harder! & they always seem to cry at the same time! luckily, Miley hasn’t been that bad, I expected she would be, being the youngest and her immune system being weaker. Alfie seemed to have got the bug really bad, he was just flopped about throwing up and not wanting to do anything but sleep all day. Today however, they both seem to have perked up a bit, both full of smiles… the occasional “eughhhhhh” from Alfie but bar that looks like they are on the mend! Sadly Alfie missed his school Christmas party today & also missed seeing his Dad the other day, so now he wont see him til after Christmas, his dad’s choice not mine. 

Which takes me onto my next topic, CHRISTMAS!!! it seems like not that long ago i was saying “Christmas is in 3 weeks!!” and now its less than a week. Which is a shame because the world doesn’t feel christmasy at all, there’s hardly no Christmas songs on TV or anything! and I’m really not feeling the Christmas spirit at all, which worries me that Christmas is going to come and go, without it even feeling like Christmas if that makes sense?

I also have a job interview on the 3rd of January, I applied for the job in October and actually forgot about it, they seemed really keen and emailed me all the details i’d need, its for a trainee support worker position, for children and adults with condition’s and disabilities. Sadly, I don’t have a birth certificate and purchasing one wouldn’t come in time, I phoned them and explained and they said they would happily wait until I sort it all out, so I’m really pleased with that. It would be the perfect start to my New Year!

Hi Ho, Hi Ho.

So I have shockingly, been successful in turning back to being a vegetarian, I was vegetarian for 7 years before falling pregnant on my first child, I remember being sat in the Van with my dad & Ben, Ben was eating a sweet chili chicken deli wrap meal from mc donalds & it smelt so good, they teased me to have a bite, & I did, it was gorgeous! its been a few years since then & I’ve been enjoying a nom on chicken and beef, but I really don’t enjoy it as much anymore & not eating meat makes me happier, so two weeks ago I decided to try & stop eating meat again.

It’s hard though, not many places have a varied vegetarian menu, its all bean burgers or salad, but not eating out will just save me some pennies, so all is good. Anyway, the reason I turned vegetarian all them years ago was because of the video below, it’s not nice & I don’t advise you watch it with children in the room.

But shockingly if you eat correctly not eating meat is better for your health, honestly, look it up. I lost loads of weight when I was vegetarian and actually was a comfortable size 12, happy days. Now I wouldn’t get one leg in a pair of size 12 jeans! But I’m not concerned about my weight, I’m happy as I am. I just want to feel happy about my life choices again & this time, I’m doing it for me.


This year I made a point to make a effort with people’s birthdays, I wanted to make sure I did my best for each person to ensure their birthday was good! I went out of my way to buy more than usual & to buy things they would like, well I hoped they did! The feeling I got from making an effort was great, it’s a nice feeling to give & make people smile.

Now, I know you don’t give to receive, but it’s my birthday soon & I have a feeling that no one will make an effort for me, this is not a feel sorry for me blog, but it is getting me down, I deserve a nice birthday too, with nice presents. My family aren’t really big on birthdays, they don’t see it as that much of a deal, but I really want to do something great. Phil was going to book a holiday for us, but with me not having a passport, I don’t think it would all pan out timing wise, I just hope people do make an effort I haven’t had a good birthday since before my 18th.

My 18th was spent in hospital with my Nanna which was nice to spend it with her, but it’s a very upsetting memory.

My 19th I was pregnant & with my birthday being the 1st of January me & my ex boyfriend were sat there waiting for the count down, it came & went “happy new year!” Was blasted down the tv & Ben was to occupied by the laptop to wish me a happy birthday.

My 20th, I don’t actually remember doing anything

& my 21st, I was pregnant so couldn’t celebrate, although phil did go to a lot of effort decorating the house & buying me prezzies & a cake.

So now it’s my 22nd & I want it to be special so badly that I feel my expectations are too high & ill be disappointed :/

Sick of hearing “impossible”

Eugh both babies are poorly with this nora virus bug, it’s going to be a long night. Poor Miley was sick everywhere & required some much needed snuggles, where as Alfie’s past throwing up, he’s just burning up & extremely pale… Which is weird because me & him are constantly pale anyway.

I really think it’s going to be one long night! Made even worse by Phil having work in the morning. Eeek. He’s going to be so tired & even though tonight is his turn to have them, I’m guessing with him up early it’s going to be me cleaning the sick.

But regardless to all of that, I have now successfully finished my Christmas shopping & nearly done wrapping. Ive bought so much & gone to a lot of effort this year, I seem to be doing that a lot, I made a lot of effort for Halloween too, lots of pretty decorations, it’s sad really because its the memories that mater not money, but hey, everyone will remember the Halloween party… So I guess win win!

Also treated myself to more Barry M nail varnish, I actually have all of the ones I like from the range, so I’m hoping they will make some more to go with my collection, I’ve even bagged up my old nail polishes which are in the shed now except for a couple & replaced them with my new collection, I’ve become obsessed & I like it.