Baby Rant.

Apparently, according to the Health visitor most of a toddler’s frustrations are because of their inability to tell you what they want. Apparently, when they can fully speak, all of the crying fits stop.

Yeah, i’m sure…

Luckily, I seem to understand what Alfie wants 30% of the time

Mee-mouse – Mickey Mouse.

A buh. – Bus

Choo choo – Train

A Jew!! – Juice

Teeeeeth – Teeth

I cah see you – I can see you

Sorree – Sorry

and so on.

Alfie sort of reminds me of a furby, no hes not furry with big eyes, but he does speak like one occasionally! Alfie seems to be able to sing a whole song but struggles with most sentences. He’s starting his speech therapy soon so hopefully that will help him along.

When it comes to my children I am a pushover, there’s no point even denying it because even the postman knows it.

Saying no to my little button nosed children really is a struggle, I can deal with the screaming that follows the word “no”, but the sadness in their eyes, if they can’t have something they want is horrible. I’d hate to think that my discipline has my little cheebies upset, I want them to have a happy childhood, like mine, I was rarely told off.

I’m not saying that children shouldn’t be disciplined because they should, every child needs routine and structure and I don’t want mine to be spoilt, but I find it easier to say “Alfie, you can’t have another yogurt because dinner is ready” rather than “No, put it back!” either way he doesn’t fully understand the 1st sentence but the second is like entering a war ground. I’m aware though, there is times where I have to outright tell him no.

He’s pretty good with the important things, he loves nothing more than brushing his teeth, and will now say “brush your teeeeeeth” in a sing song voice. In fact i’d left my toothbrush in my bedroom the other day and he found it, climbed onto the toilet seat and out it back in the cupboard for me.

Things that used to be impossible, things i’d dread doing have become 100% easier as he has grown up so much these last few months.

He lets his hair be cut

Brushes his teeth multiple times a day

Lets me cut his nails

Washes his self, well to a toddlers standards so has to be redone

Will try new food, if he likes it, its a “mmm!” if not, it gets spat out and put back on his plate followed by a “no” and will shake his head

Will take his coat, hat, gloves scarf and wellies off when we get in

Will put something back if I ask him to

Gets into bed by himself

He can even now turn his TV on to watch a DVD

These are things a few months ago he wouldn’t do, so I do see an improvement in him.

Mileys only 7 months old, so she doesn’t really have to do anything but poop and smile, but she’s really a good baby, she says hiya, she’s sitting up and she’s trying to shuffle about but her big bum from me stops her feom doing that! She doesn’t really cry much either, so i’m hoping that she will completely skip the terrible twos, i‘m deluded.

It really tickles me when people think that having children is easy. I overheard a group of girls on the bus saying they were trying for a baby they looked about 15. It’s not hard, but its not easy, you can’t even have a wee in peace. Your life will never be the same again, remember that time you popped to the cinema on a last minute decision? yeah say goodbye to that! you’ll never know what its like to be a parent, until you become one and even then your that sleep deprived to even realise what time of day it is.

I love being a parent, it’s great, I enjoy every little part of it, but you do lose your identity, your not yourself no more, the majority of my post is “to the parent of” etc..

And it’s stressful, you have to make decisions for someone else, you have the potential to make this little persons life perfect, but one bad choice and they can completely change.

I want Alfie and Miley to grow up and feel like they can tell me anything they want, but it doesn’t always work out like that, there’s things I couldn’t tell my mum and that doesn’t make her a bad mum or mean I don’t love her, I just don’t feel comfortable about opening up to people, I never tell people if i’m sad or lonely, or struggling, I just listen to everyone else moan non stop about how “hard” their life is, when they haven’t even been through anything.

I want Alfie and Miley to come to me with their troubles. I want to be able to say “no” and them listen to me, I’m guessing I need to stop being a push over. If I could give anyone any advice it would be, wait.

Wait, until you are with someone who you know is going to be a good dad, in fact scrap that. I thought that about Alfies Dad, who now has him two nights a month. Being a single Mum was hard, but the best decision I could ever of made for my little boy. Now that I have Phil and my Miley my little family is complete.

Patience, the crying does stop, so does the tantrums and its all going to be funny memories when their older, I can’t wait to tell Alfie in front of his girlfriend at 16 “Do you remember that time when you had an utter meltdown because you did a poo in the toilet, then wouldn’t leave the bathroom until you could say goodbye to your poop!?” teehee.

Anyway, Happy Valentines day. My Little potato’s loved their valentines day prezzies. I know this because Alfie stood their with a big grin on his face and Miley kept kissing hers. Nawwh.

I hope you all have a lovely loved up valentines day!


Valentines Day <3

I know its late to post about Valentines Day, but better late than never!

The night before valentine’s day I surprised my boyfriend with an Indian curry meal, a heart candle and a bottle of non alcoholic wine from Asda (me being pregnant and all I didn’t want to feel left out),

I set the table out while he was upstairs tidying our bedroom, hImagee assumed I was just making dinner, but I caught him having a sneak peek when he thought I wasn’t looking. I turned on the Xbox and quickly flicked to Last Fm looking for JLS radio, because my boyfriend is obsessed with JLS, I have no idea why as they aren’t that good. While it was loading I quickly wrote in his card and shouted him downstairs.

He seemed really pleased with it all and the food was delicious, he had chicken Korma and I had chicken Tikka masala.

I told him that I didn’t want anything for valentine’s day as it just seemed a waste of money, where as a meal for both of us while Alfie was at his Dads house, seemed more beneficial.

The next day, being valentines day me and Ceirwen made cupcakes, they looked and smelt really good and


although everyone kept saying they were gorgeous, I wasnt too keen, in fact they’re still in the bottom of my fridge, but I had a great time making and decorating them although I did burn my hand on the tray and drop most of them on the floor.

Ceirwen left to go meet her boyfriend and I jumped in the bath to wash my hair, phil had gone to town and he told me he needed to get his contact lenses changed, I didn’t think nothing of it as he spends his life in Specsavers, in fact he’s there at the moment. When he came back I was still in the bath, he told me not to come downstairs, I had a feeling he was up to something but I had no idea what. I started to get really dizzy in the bath and decided to get out, I headed to my room and started drying my afro, phil still insisting that I dont come downstairs, I was getting really naggy and impatient so I decided to just go down, he was already finished and had shut the livingroom door. I knew he was going to pick up dominos pizza as I’d told him what I wanted, my usual, stuffed crust BBQ base, chili green peppers and chicken pizza with garlic sauce!


He opened the living room door for me and I was delighted with what I saw, the 1st thing to catch my eyes was the overly large balloon, probably the biggest balloon I’ve ever had, I joked that it was half way between balloon and hot air balloon, because it was huge! He’d also bought me a Yankee candle, Boofle stuff, a me to you bear from Alfie and bump which is wearing a necklace that says “I ❤ mummy” a beautiful card which I moaned at him for as it was £15 and to me that’s day light robbery! he also lined the table with little sequins hearts, red ones and some with Boofle’s face on them! I’ve never been spoiled on Valentines day except by my Nanna and Grandad so I was really shocked that he’d gone to so much effort! but then again, I’m not sure why I was shocked because he went to the same amount of effort on my birthday, when no one else could be bothered to. I guess I’m a lucky ducky!Image