It’s been such a good day. We randomly decided to go to the park & have a picnic, a picnic wouldn’t be a picnic unless it was a dominoes picnic so the plan was in order & soon to be was our lunch! I got the food sorted & Phil washed & dressed the little ones. Taking ages to get to the bus stop because of Alfie’s slow walking we thought we’d be waiting ages in the hot sun but just as we arrived so did a bus! & luckily the cheaper one, i’m a scrooge. Alfie did his usual bus commentary of where all the train lines are & pointing out buses.

We arrived at Dominos just in time for when we said we would, 1:45, the food smelt

Imagedelicious, we asked to have some BBQ sauce instead of all the garlic, he swapped them & then handed us the most sauce iv’e ever had for free & would of cost us a fortune as its 3 tubs for £1 or something like that. Phil thought all his dreams had come at once! haha,

hes addicted to that sauce, I don’t blame him even I love it.

We took our food & headed to the park, the sun was shining so brightly, it was really a beautiful day & beats all the snow we’ve had recently, we found a nice spot & dished out the food, we had ordered enough for about 6 people, but  because we got so many freebies, we thought we could just eat what we didn’t eat later or the next day, it seemed worth it.

Alfie & Miley we’re both shockingly so well behaved normally when we eat Miley cries

Imagefor some & Alfies shouting or running about! They’re not naughty but we never seem to get to eat in peace! but they both sat down so nice & ate their food, they seemed really pleased with the food, as was Phil! & Alfie actually didnt mind that Miley was sat next to him, although she did try to steal his food! but I shared mine with her to keep her pretty little face smiling! It shows how much I love her that I shared my mozzarella sticks with her, even though she dropped it on the grass!

Alfie was the first to finish his food, he’s a picky


eater but even for him he ate a lot & while Phil was eating his chicken wings, Alfie decided to go & run around a tree for a bit & hide, meanwhile I was started to get stuffed too, i’d eaten quite a lot! & was starting to get a bit chilly, I put Miley in her pram so she could enjoy a bottle while I packed up all the rubbish & waited for Phil to finish his food, Phil is a really slow eater he likes to let his food digest & although eats bit portions takes absolutely forever! I asked


Alfie to help me with the rubbish but he seemed enjoying looking through the gaps in the bin saying “I can see you!” but then sadly, put his mouth on the bin & had to be moved!

The park was absolutely packed out as usual & there was kids everywhere!

Normally when places are busy Alfie gets shy but he was straight in there wanting to play & Miley got to play on the swings, which she loved. The sun got a bit too much for moo & her cheeks started turning red so me & her sat on a bench & watched Alfie & Phil play,

Imagethey even had a race back to me & Alfie was giggling his head off running after Phil, they both sat next to me on the bench & we’re acting silly.

Although it was only 3:30 we decided to head home, Alfie walks around town & no longer requires a pram but I didn’t want his feet getting tired & him wanting to be carried.

I decided on the bus to go see my Grandad as he was feeling unwell, Phil headed home as he had things to do. We knocked on the door & walked in, my mum quickly shouted “Hello!”

Imagewhich Alfie replied “Hiya baby!” it was really cute. My Grandad seemed pleased to see me & he gave Miley lots of snuggles, he tried to lift her & although his speech isn’t too well anymore he managed to say “Jesus Christ!” because she’s so big & heavy for her age! I got lots of beautiful photos of Miley with my Grandad, It means a lot to me as my Grandad is very important to me, & I can’t wait to print them out to show him. I hope he gets well soon!

I then spent the rest of the afternoon with my 23 year old brother who says “hash tag” in most sentences, lame but kinda funny!

I headed home about 6:30 & Phil was doing some washing,

I got Alfies tea & he wanted to watch trains on YouTube  while he was doing that Phil & Meatball headed to the shop to get Alfie juice, Alfie screamed

“Where Bill?, where doggy?, Oh no!” I reassured him they were coming back, so he gave Miley a kiss, brushed his teeth & got snug in bed. Phil came back, got Miley ready for bed & I tucked her in while Alfie snored his head off.

My night got better when The Killers Live came on TV, I’ve seen them live, but even on TV it’s just as much enjoyable. Phil came down & said he’d changed Alfie’s nappy, apparently Alfie woke up & said “sorry” to which Phil replied “it’s okay buddy?” & went to stroke his head, before he could do so Alfie grabbed his hand, shook it & said “How do you do?” it makes me so proud that my little lambs are growing & developing so beautifully.

My day is now ending perfectly, Taken 1 is on in the background & i’m going to play Left For

Dead 2 with Phil. Perfect!

Image896668_10151289823596642_1772177489_o (1)908777_10151289725701642_497374162_n


Hi Ho, Hi Ho.

So I have shockingly, been successful in turning back to being a vegetarian, I was vegetarian for 7 years before falling pregnant on my first child, I remember being sat in the Van with my dad & Ben, Ben was eating a sweet chili chicken deli wrap meal from mc donalds & it smelt so good, they teased me to have a bite, & I did, it was gorgeous! its been a few years since then & I’ve been enjoying a nom on chicken and beef, but I really don’t enjoy it as much anymore & not eating meat makes me happier, so two weeks ago I decided to try & stop eating meat again.

It’s hard though, not many places have a varied vegetarian menu, its all bean burgers or salad, but not eating out will just save me some pennies, so all is good. Anyway, the reason I turned vegetarian all them years ago was because of the video below, it’s not nice & I don’t advise you watch it with children in the room.

But shockingly if you eat correctly not eating meat is better for your health, honestly, look it up. I lost loads of weight when I was vegetarian and actually was a comfortable size 12, happy days. Now I wouldn’t get one leg in a pair of size 12 jeans! But I’m not concerned about my weight, I’m happy as I am. I just want to feel happy about my life choices again & this time, I’m doing it for me.

Gay bar, Gay bar, Gay bar.

Yesterday was a roller coaster of emotions. I started the day nervous for Phil as he had his bike test, then I was excited as my niece Paige was coming to the park with me, Alfie & Miley. Not long after my niece was dropped off & Phil was picked up by my parents & 6 year old nephew, I got a phone call as I was about to leave, saying they’d been involved in a car crash. Thank God no one was badly hurt & were all just a bit shook up. Phil was unable to attend his bike test due to the crash, so decided to come to the park with us. 

We bought Dominoes pizza, garlic bread & chicken strips & had a picnic in the park, it was lovely. After we had all nommed our pizzas, Alfie & Paige then spent a few hours playing in the park & Paige was singing her head off to “Black Heart” which was hilarious. The day came to an end when we were all getting a bit tired, we headed off into town where we bought Pic A Mix from Wilkinson’s & then headed to Asda Living where I bought myself some new clothes, Alfie & Miley had their Halloween costumes & Paige had a pretty princess dolly. The got the bus home & headed to my parents house, where I watched Mr Beans Holiday for the millionth time & still laughed my head off.

My brother came home & after being in hospital for 6 days after going to the Drs complaining of a stomach ache and then being sent straight to hospital for a operation, he was pretty bored & fed up he asked would either me or Phil go out with him for the night, I told Phil he should go, but Phil could see that I really wanted to! So insisted that I could go & he’d baby sit, I rushed to get home & get dressed as my brother is very punctual & when he says be ready in an hour, he means you’ve got 40 minutes dont be late.

I chucked on the clothes I had bought that day, grey leapord print leggings & a baggy jumper that matched, alongside purple eye shadow & military boots. As predicted my brother had turned up early, I gave Alfie, Miley & Phil kisses goodbye & headed off to his car.

We wernt sure where we were going but we were on our way to Cheshire Oaks, for dinner & to watch a film, when he decided we should check if Chester fair was on, sadly it wasnt, so we parked up & proceeded to find somewhere to eat.

We found a lovely place where the food was absolutely amazing for the price! we waited a good 40 minutes for our starters but it was totally worth it & the woman was extremely apologetic. My brother spend the whole night glued to his phone texting his boyfriend & friends. Which meant I was constantly checking my phone. The food was so lovely that I kept half of my bacon, chicken & cheese burger for Phil as I knew he’d love it! I discreetly wrapped it up & put it in my handbag. I can’t wait to go there again with Phil, I know he’d really enjoy it. I felt really guilty on my brother though, as he wasnt allowed to drink alcohol as he was on antibiotics, but he insisted that I should, so I did.

I thought were going to head home after the meal as we had missed the cinema times, however my brother asked did I want to go for another drink,  I said sure & he took me to a gay bar. I don’t have a problem whatsoever with Gay people, but I felt very out of place! The people there however are so full of energy & I was really shocked to see how many old men were there perving on the younger guys.

There was two drag queens hosting the night, one of which was called Miss Penny Tration, which made me laugh every time she said it. I absolutely loved the place & although I really didn’t know where to look, I’d never seen two guys make out before & where we were sat they were right in my direction & I found myself looking at the floor alot & tweeted non stop, as my brother was still texting away.

My experience of being in a gay bar was lots of fun!  I’d go again, but maybe when my brother was able to drink as he likes to dance a lot & being sober didn’t dance once! I felt really uncomfortable as the drag queens were making jokes out of Madeline Mccann & asked a polish guy did they have shots in Poland or just gas chambers, everyone laughed especially the guy, but I didn’t find it funny as that’s not really my sense of humour.

We headed off home & David dropped me off & my house, Miley was just going to bed & Alfie had fallen asleep just after i’d left, whilst still eating his dinner. Me & Phil listened to some music on SKY & sang away to some songs, which I was in utter shock that he too knew the words to Tenacious D- Tribute. I then headed off to bed for some well needed sleep.

I woke up at 5am & just couldn’t sleep, I kept thinking about my family being in the accident, Alfies skin blistering, Miley choking every time she drinks, Phils Nan dying & a load of other stuff.

I finally settled to sleep about 6:30ish & was woken at 10:30! with a bacon bap, a glass of Dr Pepper & a huge bubble bath, both children were up & ready & there was nothing left for me to do! I guess i’m a lucky girly, Phil definatly looks after us! he came back from town yesterday with lots of presents for me, a jumper i’d been wanting for ages but wasn’t willing to pay the price for it, some earrings, a new nose stud & some lovely perfume & although I was a bit shocked at how much he’d spent, I was over the moon at the sweet gesture. The futures looking very good for me.

Mollie moo moo… <3

Mollie Moo Moo x

Its been confirmed, again, that I am indeed having a little girl! I went for a 3d/4d ultrasound to have it properly confirmed and it turns

Imageout my massive bump is a girl! She has a massive nose (I’m allowed to say that I’m her mum!) and she was pouting away and posing. Sadly none of my family could make it to the scan as they were all in work except for my Mum who cares for my granddad so she was unable to come too as my granddad can’t leave the house, Phil’s family were also not able to come as they live far away in Scotland, but I sent them the photos straight away and although they thought the scan was a waste of money they were delighted to see their Granddaughter. My friend Ceirwen and Phil were however able to come to see Mollies scan and even though Phil wasnt excited about the scan or the price of the scan! he was thrilled when we were leaving, even ordering a Key ring of his daughters chubby face which he then later showed off to anyone that would listen.

We’ve now bought absolute everything you could ever want for a baby girl! and yesterday we headed into town to pick up the last few random items, all we need now is cot bedding! I bought her her first teddy for her cot when she’s in hospital, it’s a new Bonne nuit bunny nutmeg by Jelly kittens new 2012 range which are quite expensive for the size of them as they are really small but its totally soft and adorable! I can’t stop squeezing it it’s so cuddly.

We bought her a really cute Petals and Friends activity gym with a cute little birdie! Alfie had a similar one, except his was about triple the price, but they don’t make that one no more, which was disappointing, but regardless this one is really cute and I cant wait to see her laying on it while the lil birdie sings away to her while she plays with the hanging toys and no doubt pouting in the little mirror which hangs from the side.

I also didn’t realise just how much of a fan I am of Tommee Tippee, until I got home and realised everything I bought was by them and the same happened when I was buying baby stuff for Alfie. I guess I just like the Tommee Tippee range and the blue and pink items are just adorable and really great quality and I couldn’t imagine using any other baby brand.

I only have 5 weeks 0 days left of my pregnancy and to be honest, I can’t wait until I go into labour! don’t get me wrong I am really excited to be expecting a little baby girl but I throw up nearly every day, heart burns a bitch, I can’t even go up and down the stairs without getting pains, I can’t even tie my laces or see my feet and being uncomfortable 24/7 is becoming to be a bit of a drag.. these 5 weeks better go quick!I had no pains in my last pregnancy and felt a little bit left out that I had no symptoms of pregnancy whatsoever, except near the end I had swollen hands and feet, I remember saying to the Midwife how I didn’t even feel pregnant, now there’s no mistaking it whatsoever as I’m a walking talking waddling whale and every pregnant person I see looks so small and petite where as I’m struggling to even get into my double bed without a hoist and crane…